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COFE+ robot coffee announces additional angel round investment

Robot Coffee

SHANGHAI, China – On July 28th, Shanghai Heliodolphin Robotics Co., Ltd., famous for its “high quality freshly ground coffee for more than 10 RMB”, announced that it has received an additional investment of tens of millions of RMB in the angel round. Ltd. led this round. This round of financing will be used to improve the product line and launch the market. This is only one week apart, COFE+ robot coffee has won the favor of the capital world again!

It is reported that COFE+, a fully intelligent – multi-functional – robot coffee kiosk, is the first robot coffee kiosk in China to obtain a freshly prepared and sold food business license.

It is open 24 hours a day, unattended, fully intelligent cleaning and disinfection, the whole process of transparent production, a refill can be made continuously 300 cups, only 30 minutes a day maintenance replenishment, more efficient and lower cost, a new species!

Robot coffee kiosk COFE+ covers an area of less than 2.5 square meters, can provide two kinds of coffee beans, two milk sources, two cup types and cold / hot / ice three temperature options, consumers can freely choose the concentration / temperature / sweetness / ice amount and the grams of powder pulp sauce auxiliary materials, not only freshly ground coffee, but also to make Western-style milk tea, Japanese matcha, chocolate drinks, milk drinks four types of more than 50 flavors, an average of 50 seconds It can produce 1 cup, cup freshly ground, full of new economy.

At present, the COFE+ robot coffee kiosk has been officially rolled out to Shanghai shopping centers and office buildings, and the single-day sales volume is very encouraging, with “Starbucks quality, 1/3 of the price”. Netflix brand, widely praised by consumers, and exported to many countries overseas.