Friday, September 22, 2017


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Alessandro Crispini wins the Grand Finale of the Gelato World Tour 2017

RIMINI – The “World’s Best Gelato”, crowned on September 10, 2017, in Rimini at the Grand Finale of the Gelato World Tour ...

Dissolvable, easy-to-use milk capsules could change your daily coffee

Have your coffee without spilling the milk: Researchers at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) have developed ...

Ferrero International to join The Bridge at Cornell Tech in New York

NEW YORK - Forest City New York today announced that Ferrero International S.A., the Italian confectionary group and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chocolates, will take space at The Bridge at Cornell Tech. The Bridge is a first-of-its-kind building that will house an extraordinary mix of cutting-edge companies working alongside ...

Nutella maker rumoured to be targeting Nestlé’s sweet confectionery

MILAN – Ferrero SpA, the maker of Nutella spread, and the third biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company in the world, has the sweet snack division of Nestlé U.S. in its sights, according to reports. For Ferrero, this would be an unprecedented attack on the lucrative U.S. market as well as its biggest takeover in its history ...

The countdown is officially under way on the run-up to Sigep 2018

RIMINI, Italy – The countdown is officially under way on the run-up to SIGEP, the International Trade Show of artisan gelato, pastry, bakery and the coffee world, organized by Italian Exhibition Group, which maintains and renews its undisputed leadership at international level.

Häagen-Dazs rolls out four decadent vegan ice cream flavors

NORFOLK, Virginia, U.S. – Each of the four new Häagen-Dazs flavors begins with a core ingredient, like real Belgian chocolate, peanut butter, coffee, or coconut cream. Exclusively available at Target stores, in the following flavors ...

Café Valley introduces new Dr Pepper Cake at IDDBA in Anaheim, Calif.

PHOENIX, U.S. – Café Valley Bakery, a leading bakery product producer, is partnering with a legendary soda brand to expand its existing soda cake lineup with a Dr Pepper Cake. The new cake will join an array of soda cakes including 7UP, Orange Crush, and A&W Root Beer, and will be unveiled at the upcoming International Dairy Deli Bakery Association ...

At long last, Kinder Eggs are officially coming to the United States!

WASHINGTON, U.S. – Starting in 2018, anyone in the U.S. will be able to pick up a Kinder Egg without having to worry about incurring the wrath of the Food and Drug Administration. Except, this Kinder Egg will look slightly different than its outlawed cousin. The original Kinder Egg consists of a chocolate shell. Inside is a hidden plastic capsule ...

Should the soft drinks levy be extended to coffee shop confectionary?

LONDON, UK – Health campaigners have called on the next government to extend the soft drinks levy to confectionery containing the highest levels of sugar. Chocolate and sweets are already included in Public Health England’s (PHE) programme aiming for a 20% reduction in sugar by 2020.

Seasonal offerings tops chocolate new product development, says Mintel

LONDON, UK – As chocolate lovers across the globe prepare to indulge in Easter treats, new research from Mintel reveals that seasonal launches accounted for one quarter (25%) of global chocolate new product launches in 2016, the biggest area of chocolate new product development (NPD) according to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD).