Monday 27 June 2022

Coca-Cola New Zealand has a Barista Bro-ment

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There’s really no excuse for bad coffee these days – at least not in New Zealand.As self-appointed coffee connoisseurs, the Land of the Long White Cloud has undergone a coffee revolution in the last couple of decades.

After all, it was in this brew-capital of the world that the iconic flat white was born.

Coffee-making has always been competitive, but now the industry is well and truly heating up – or in this case, cooling down. Kiwis can now experience Barista Bros, a full range of iced-coffee flavoured milk – the first time Coca-Cola has entered the dairy category in New Zealand.

Inspired by Kiwis’ love of café culture, Barista Bros is crafted with café-quality ingredients, such as real cocoa and 100 per cent Arabica coffee.

With three different flavours including Iced Coffee, Double Espresso Iced Coffee and Iced Chocolate, whether your day involves a gym workout, an early start at the office, or a late-night cramming session, Barista Bros is the perfect drink for when you need a hit of ice cold deliciousness.

You can grab a 500ml bottle of Barista Bros from your closest on-the-go stockists, such as dairies, with other outlets coming soon.

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