Thursday 30 March 2023

Clean grinders and a better espresso pulyGRIND keeps its promises

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pulyCAFF’s grinder cleaning product comes in a new packaging and joins the “green” products line Careful cleaning of all the parts of the coffee grinder is essential to guarantee a flavourful espresso.

Quite often, however, the barman only takes care of the hopper and the doser unit, overlooking the grinders: this is a serious mistake because, if not attended to periodically, they fail to provide a perfect grinding, resulting in an unpleasant odour being imparted by the product in the cup.

During grinding, in fact, some coffee particles get left between the cutters inside the grinder grooves, reducing the distance between discs or cones, which means that the granulometry of the ground coffee becomes irregular.

Besides which, oils and fats left in the grooves become rancid in just a few hours, imparting a bad taste to the coffee with subsequent grindings suffering as well.

For the cleaning of grinders, pulyCAFF proposes pulyGRIND, which is presented in a new, practical and user-friendly packaging, in 10 single-dose sachets and which joins the “green” products line, made up of variants of traditional pulyCAFF products in which ingredients are even more refined and renewable.

pulyGRIND is the specific product for freeing grinders (both flat and conical) and the grinding chamber from coffee residues.

The cleaner comes in powder form containing small food starch based, gluten free crystals that exercise a highly absorbent action on oils and fats; passing through the grinders, the powder removes coffee residues, assuring a ground product with an even granulometry and an espresso devoid of bad odours.

All pulyGRIND ingredients are of natural origin and totally renewable; they release no irritating dust and are gluten free as well as containing no allergenic substances.

During cleaning, grinders must not be dismantled and grinding settings require no changes.

With its innovative and patented technology, pulyGRIND is also suitable for the cleaning of super-automatic coffee machines with built-in coffee grinders.

pulyGRIND together with pulyGRIND Hopper, the practical hopper and doser unit cleaner, make up a winning pair for simply, swiftly and safely cleaning coffee grinders.

pulygrind,hopperHow to use it

With just a few simple steps, pulyGRIND guarantees the total cleaning of both the grinders and the grinding chamber.

1) Close the slide, grind the coffee that has remained in the grinding chamber and empty the doser unit (the product will be re-utilised).

2) Extract the hopper.

3) Pour a dose of pulyGRIND into the grinding chamber.

4) Re-position the hopper without opening the slide, start grinding, continuing until the pulyGRIND powder falls through together with the residues from the old ground coffee. Should this not happen, it means that the grinding chamber or the outlet chute are still clogged; start again at point 2) with a fresh dose of pulyGRIND.

5) Using the ground product and a small brush, clean the star (or the on-demand coffee grinder’s outlet chute) and remove the doser unit’s content.

6) Open the slide and grind about 10 g of coffee, which then gets discarded. Return the previously saved ground coffee to the doser unit. In order to have a coffee grinder that is always “in top form” it is advisable for pulyGRIND to be used at least once a week or even more frequently should the ground coffee be unsatisfactory; for concerns with greater coffee consumption – in excess of 4-5 kg per day – it would be best for the grinders to be cleaned twice a week.

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