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Christina Meinl, the new Sca President: «Coffee has become a true lifestyle»

Christina Meinl
A congratulation cake for newly elected President of Sca Christina Meinl

RIMINI – At the Sca Presidency Party, hosted in the prestigious setting of the Grand Hotel Rimini, the newly elected Sca President Christina Meinl, Responsible of Innovation for the Viennese company Julius Meinl, held a speech to thank her team for their outstanding work and outline the guidelines for her presidency of the Association. Here are some excerpts from her speech, that we are able to publish in exclusivity.

“The SCA presidency is a great honour for me”, said Meinl. “I see this presidency not as my presidency, but as our presidency”.

“Julius Meinl has a long 155-year heritage for highest quality coffee and specialty coffees. For 5 generations the teamwork – my family with many teams – has brought great success to us as a coffee business and as a team”.

“Our SCA presidency is only the reward for this hard work: an appreciation of the high quality work we do on the many markets we operate in. We are accepted and appreciated in the world as a premium coffee brand with high quality products, high quality teams and high innovation”.

Julius Meinl is a brand with a strong focus on sustainability

Julius Meinl’s Colombian Heritage Programme, supports rural communities in the Colombian region of Tolima and helps young people to stay on the farms and continue their family heritage.

“We support Colombian coffee farmers, with a commitment to upskill the coffee farmers and help them achieve UTZ certification, the largest programme for sustainable farming of coffee in the world”.

“We are hopeful that the new measures will increase production efficiency and quality, as well as improve farmers’ businesses, increasing their income and reducing vulnerability against market changes”.

The programme provides Agronomist assistance (trainings, monitoring and evaluation) and school support to the benefit the local community.

Two premium Julius Meinl’s blends Poesia and Supreme UTZ were assigned to represent the Colombian Heritage via having seal on all packs. Both blends contains a coffee from Colombia, being a unique celebration of tradition, heritage and excellent taste.

In Italy, Julius Meinl helps families with autism through Pay with a Poem

“In terms of living our mission, In Italy for some years we support a non-profit organization, I Bambini delle Fate” Meinl said. “With every poem we collect during our poetry events, like Pay with a Poem, we contribute to offer economic support to projects of social inclusion that help families with autism and other special needs. To make even more concrete our mission to make the world a better place thanks to poetry”.

“In the past years we have brought many state of the art innovations to the markets – 1862 Premium, Julius Meinl The Originals, Cold Brew, Nitro Brew, biodegradable capsules…just to name a few”.

Also in Italy, more and more clients try to diversify their offer to the final consumer, with various coffee and alternative methods of extraction

Italians are still very much linked to espresso (crema and body) – observed Meinl – “but we are convinced that soon, both by going back to tradition, to moka (where we don’t expect cream and body), and with the passage to filter coffee, there will be more space for innovation”.

“Coffee is more than a product: it’s an emotion, a feeling. Generation Y is the biggest and fastest growing consumer target of future “coffee lovers”. Everywhere in the world, coffee has become a way of living, a true lifestyle. This consumer understands and is willing to buy a product or a service to sustain a cause that he or she believes in, even if it means paying a bit more”.

“Supported by our SCA presidency, we will be at the forefront of spreading specialty coffee in Italy and beyond. We will bring higher coffee education to our customers & consumers.

Let’s continue the legacy of being the category founder in coffee. Let’s pave together the way for the next 150 years” Meinl concluded.