Friday 01 July 2022

Cholaca announces new cold brew coffee concentrate for breweries

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BOULDER, Colorado, U.S. — Local cacao producer Cholaca announces the release of its latest product: a cold brew coffee concentrate for breweries. Cleaner and stronger than your regular cold brew, Cholaca’s concentrate makes it easier than ever for breweries to provide coffee-infused beers to their customers.

“Cholaca has made brewing with coffee a little easier with our Coffee Concentrate. After 18 months of development to get this product right, I believe our brewers will have the amazing level of quality they expect from Cholaca,” Says Ira Leibtag, CEO.

Indeed, more than 1,600 breweries have already turned to Cholaca’s liquid cacao product for infusing beers with yummy chocolate flavor. When asked what other products Cholaca could provide, their answer was simple: coffee.

Cholaca listened and developed its coffee concentrate with the beer manufacturing process in mind, only needing to be added cold following fermentation. What’s more, the concentrate contains no preservatives or additives and is gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo, ensuring all beer lovers can enjoy the concoctions their favorites breweries create.

Cholaca has partnered with Country Malt Group to distribute its coffee concentrate. Country Malt Group has an established reputation for providing breweries exceptional ingredients and quality service, and is excited to be adding Cholaca’s concentrate to its portfolio. Nationwide distribution has begun this week.

“Cholaca’s liquid cocoa continues to be tremendously successful product; offering brewers a convenient, simple, and consistent way to add a chocolate touch to their beers without the hassle of traditional nibs and powders,” says Toby Tucker, Senior Division Sales Manager at Country Malt Group.

“The new coffee concentrate by Cholaca is another high quality and innovative product that takes the guesswork out of adding coffee to the brewing process. Country Malt Group is extremely excited to add this to our portfolio, giving brewer’s easy access to it through one of our twelve distribution sites in the very near future.”

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