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CHINA – DTS8 celebrates the Chinese New Year of Horse with new premium coffee blend

SHANGHAI – DTS8 Coffee Company, Ltd. celebrates the Chinese New Year “The Year of the Horse”. Chinese coffee consumers are encouraged to drink Baker & Spice coffee, a premium coffee blend, created and roasted for over 45 Wagas chain of restaurants and cafes in Shanghai and Beijing. This exceptional coffee blend can be drunk as a seductive short milk espresso, or a crisply lively straight shot.

Mr. Sean Tan, CEO of DTS8 Coffee stated that: “Major efforts were made during the past year in marketing gourmet coffee in Shanghai and Beijing, which has positioned us for a larger share of the Chinese gourmet coffee market.”

Baker & Spice blend is crisp in aroma with fruit notes of green apple or cranberry, walnut and a slight, rounding hint of dark chocolate. It has a light syrupy feel to the mouth. Chocolate taste moves forward in a rich, sweet short finish.

DTS8 Coffee Company, Ltd. (“DTS8”) is a purveyor of gourmet roasted coffee in China.

DTS8 roasts, markets and wholesales the “DTS8 Premium”, “Single Origin Premium”, “Don Manuel”, and “Private Label” brands in Shanghai and others areas of China.

DTS8 coffees are well regarded by consumers for their uniqueness, consistency and special flavor characteristics and are sold through distribution channels reaching consumers at restaurants, multi-location coffee shops and offices.

Source: DTS8 Coffee Company, Ltd.