Wednesday 06 July 2022

Chemex announces the launch of The Funnex Filter Drip Coffeemaker

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CHICOPEE, Mass., US – Chemex, manufacturer of coffee brewing equipment and inventor of the CHEMEX Coffeemaker, announces The Funnex Filter-Drip Coffeemaker. Made solely of high quality borosilicate glass, the Funnex® looks like a piece of art and brews consistently delicious CHEMEX® coffee quickly and easily. The Funnex® uses patented Chemex® Bonded filters to deliver the cleanest, purest extraction possible. View the Funnex™

The Funnex is double walled to provide exceptional insulation and brews up to 15 ounces of perfect coffee quickly and easily. Sturdy, portable and highly functional, this unique brewer will change the way you think about single serve coffee. The Funnex can be brewed on mugs, cups, thermoses, carafes and more. Great for use at home, the office, cafes, while traveling…the possibilities are endless.

The Funnex is part of the Chemex® portfolio of the Chemex® coffeemaker, Chemex® filters and more. Since 1941, Chemex Corporation has been passionately focused on designing beautiful products to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Family owned for 40 years, it is located in Western Massachusetts. Each filter is cut in house, on a machine that is operated by one of our team. Each coffeemaker is inspected, polished and hand tied, before getting boxed up for shipping. Chemex® is consistently recognized for its commitment to design and innovative approaches for superior brewing equipment.

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