Sunday 16 January 2022

Cellini coffee picks Senzani packaging to conquer the capsules market

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GENOVA, Italy – Cellini coffee decided to empower its presence on coffee capsules market making an important investment. Aiming at the target, the company picked Senzani as trusted partner in the capsules packaging sector.

Two Italian top players in coffee sector have worked together in a technologically cutting-edge project. The two companies are run by the founding families and have similar visions; On this common ground, Cellini and Senzani have shared a targeted strategy for the success of both enterprises.

Cellini ’s target is to increase the turnover by offering high quality products to domestic and international customers in the sector of compatible coffee capsules.

Senzani has taken up the challenge, offering its technical support for the start-up of two new cartoning lines, designed and customised according to Cellini’s specific demands.

The first machine to run in production is CM, a vertical cartoner for Dolcegusto compatible capsules at a speed of around 35 cartons per minute for the 16 capsules format, also processing the mix of different flavours in the same box. In addition, the machine treats the 10 capsules format.

Cellini coffee capsule
CM, the vertical cartoner for Dolcegusto compatible capsules


The second machine supplied is a TP for Nespresso compatible capsules, manipulated by a robot for the carton filling and capsules nesting. The machine handles around 600 capsules per minute, producing 60 cartons of 10 capsules. Three different carton formats are processable.

Cellini coffee capsules
TP, for Nespresso compatible capsules

Cellini has chosen Senzani for the downstream machinery as well, a WA case packer (wrap-around) completes the end-of-line process. The machine creates a stack of cartons according to the customer’s demand and wraps the grouping in a bigger box. The case lid can be torn directly by the seller, to use the box base as a shelf-ready tray. This solution becomes an important tool in marketing strategy and communication.

The change in the production line was an important step and the chance for Cellini and Senzani to share a great process of analysis and information exchange. Senzani also played the role of advisor, siding the customer from production target analysis to marketing and sales choices, studying the most suitable carton and format.

One of Senzani’s assets is in fact the flexible, customised design. Differently from the traditional approach, Senzani constantly accompanies the customer from a technical point of view and completes its support by providing the training for machines start-up and further assistance.

The cooperation between these two companies is one of the signals that confirm the ongoing growth of the capsules market. The coffee roasters want to invest in this segment and, as a consequence, capsules production trend keeps evolving.

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