Tuesday 06 December 2022

Here is how Cauldryn Coffee Pro enhances the coffee drinking experience

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SAN DIEGO, USA – Cauldryn, a leader in Beverage Temperature Control Technology, is excited to announce the Cauldryn Coffee Pro just in time for Fall and the 2022 Holiday season. Featuring world-class design and advanced technology, the Cauldryn Coffee Pro enhances the coffee and tea drinking experience by maintaining your perfect drinking temperature from the first sip to the last drop.

The new Cauldryn Coffee Pro is intuitive, with multiple temperature sensors and thermal heating technology inside the mug that keeps liquid at a constant temperature for up to 10 hours on the battery.

The Cauldryn mug will maintain coffee or tea at the user’s perfect drinking temperature all day. Further, our Cauldryn App allows remote user control of temperature and other settings.

Owner Bill Green says, “In a study we conducted a few years ago with a previous Cauldryn version, we found that Just a few degrees can make a big difference in taste. Coffee lovers embrace the connection between taste and temperature first-hand.”

The Cauldryn Coffee Pro is the latest addition to the Cauldryn line of temperature control products. This innovative new product offers a convenient and efficient way to keep hot coffee on the go.

With its built-in heating element, the Cauldryn Coffee Pro is perfect for people who want to continue enjoying the perfect cup of coffee at the ideal temperature.

The product also has an easy-to-use digital display that allows users to customize their coffee or tea experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely cup of Joe, the Cauldron Coffee Pro has got you covered.

Thanks to its portable design, it is possible to enjoy hot coffee wherever you go.

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