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Carimali touchless solution allows to safely select your drink via a QR code

CHIGNOLO D’ISOLA, Italy — Carimali is proudly introducing the new Carimali touchless, the solution to manage all the fully automatic machines without any contact.

Thanks to CARIcare – the telemetry system developed by Carimali – it will be possible to select your favorite drink directly from your device, without touching the machine display. Customers have just to scan the QR code, make the selection with the smartphone and enjoy their favorite drink.

This technology applied to coffee machines allows safe and contactless operation, a change in customers’ experience, a helpful answer for companies that are looking for alternatives to guarantee safe working environments now more than ever.

For more information about Carimali Touchless Solutions watch this video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruU8EgEorxs

For over 100 years, Carimali has been manufacturing and selling professional coffee machines, offering a complete range of fully-automatic and traditional coffee machines, grinders and add-on units.

Since 1919, the company has been developing technologies to improve the flavor extraction in making coffee and milk-based drinks.

The Group headquarters are based in Bergamo, where the main production factory and the offices are located. A second sales and services division for the Italian market is located in Milan. A second production unit is based in Suzhou, China. For more info: www.carimali.com