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Carimali announces the launch of the new CA250, CA1000 and CA1100 bean to cup machines

Carimali bean to cup machines
The new range of bean to cup coffee machines from Carimali

CHIGNOLO D’ISOLA, Italy – To meet the demand of a constantly evolving market, Carimali chooses to expand its product portfolio, adding a new line of plug&play products, extremely flexible. Thanks to a delivery capacity up to 75 cups, they are ideal mainly for offices, but also for those people who are working at home, due to this time influenced by the pandemic.

The range comprehends CA250, CA1000 and CA1100, bean to cup coffee machines ideal for all users thanks to their user-friendliness. All of these machines offer a wide choice of beverages: they are available both in the coffee-only version, which allows to dispense 2 coffees simultaneously, and in the LM version, designed to manage fresh milk and able to dispense a one step cappuccino of the highest quality.

In addition to being plug&play allowing everyone to install without a technician, the new Carimali machines are also very simple to manage and easily adapt to the needs of all users. Adjusting the main parameters such as the amount or the coarseness of the coffee and the froth of the cappuccino is simple, immediate and fast. The moving nozzles are easily adjustable in height to adapt perfectly to the type of cup you want to use, depending on whether the selected drink is espresso, americano or cappuccino.

All the machines are also equipped with a multi-language menu, which allows managing multiple languages even with special characters (Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic), in order to satisfy every kind of international consumer request.

The new Carimali range comprehends three models

CA250 is the smallest and most compact, with a bean hopper with a capacity up 250 g especially suited to everyone who although is working at home, doesn’t want to give up the pleasure of a good coffee.

CA1000 and CA1100, which differ from each other in the capacity of the water tank, with a 1 kg bean hopper, are instead designed mainly for small and medium-sized offices.

Carimali continues to invest in the coffee market and expands its range to ensure the coverage of the various market segments.