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Canadian company Invigo Coffee urges customers to recycle used capsules

Invigo Coffee

CONCORD, Ontario, Canada – Invigo Coffee Capsules bosses have encouraged their customers to ramp up their recycling efforts after enjoying their favourite flavours from the Invigo coffee collection. The efforts come as it was revealed that 71 per cent of coffee capsules are most likely not being recycled. A spokesman from Invigo Coffee said: “We know the majority of our customers will be mindful of the environment and will recycle their coffee capsules after using them, but with news of so much of the packaging not being recycled, we just wanted to make sure that we were doing the right thing.

“If our wonderful coffee drinkers can make sure that coffee capsules are just integrated into their recycling regimes then we can stand up proud as a company and as Invigo enthusiasts to say that we are doing our bit to bring this figure down.

“The important point for people to remember is to separate the plastic capsule from the aluminum top. If you can peel the lid off and make sure that is recycled with aluminum and the capsule with plastics, then you will be doing your bit for the environment,” he added.

Invigo’s coffee collection includes five different flavours – Invigo Coffee Vanilla, Invigo Coffee Classic, Invigo Coffee Boost, Invigo Coffee Chocolate and Invigo Coffee Caramel.

The company sources its handpicked coffee beans in person every season from several different locations – Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Colombia has two coffee bean seasons, so the team can source high quality coffee all year round. Each country has coffee beans with different characteristics and flavours that are influenced by different weather conditions – humidity, ocean winds, volcanic soils – that help to create a coffee for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy around the world.

The company prides itself on not leaving anything to chance. They insist that every single step of the manufacturing process is carefully thought through to ensure they are producing the highest possible quality coffee capsules. The team have spent time perfecting their processes to ensure that coffee lovers can enjoy a complex flavour, including a combination of sweetness, acidity and bitterness in one sip. They use the latest grinding and roasting techniques.

“As a company, we have to get a balance of being able to create the very best coffee for our customers and meeting our obligations as a responsible business, and we have to take environmental issues seriously. That is why we are calling on our customers to do the right thing if they aren’t already, so we can carry on creating our coffee masterpieces for them,” he added.