Saturday 04 February 2023

CANADA – FindMeCoffee goes Global with Agency Relationship in Australia

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TORONTO, Ontario – On October 1, 2013, FindMeCoffee entered into a relationship with Australian Marketing expert James Leiper. James will undertake to market FindMeCoffee and related services to coffee shops and coffee shop suppliers in the Australia, New Zealand market.

“This is a natural extension of our business.” Says Ray Williamson of FindMeCoffee. “We are getting 7% of our global traffic from coffee lovers and coffee suppliers in Australia so we needed someone local who understands the local market to represent us.”

FindMeCoffee has expanded quickly with more than 100,000 downloads worldwide in it’s first 12 months, with expectations to be at over 1 million downloads in the next 12-18 months. Adding local representation is one of our strategies in becoming a global brand and preparing the way for our future retail-to-consumer, hyper local marketing offerings.

“By expanding representation outside North America we are demonstrating our capability to be a marketing and communications platform for global companies.” says Williamson.

“I am excited at the opportunity to help local coffee shops and suppliers better engage with their audience. FindMeCoffee is a simple to use App that has demonstrated a small but growing local following and I’m up for the challenge of creating a vibrant market here in AUS/NZ,” says Leiber.

FindMeCoffee and are the only global marketing solutions that engage the coffee supply chain that includes the coffee consumer, the coffee shop and the coffee shop supplier. FindMeCoffee is the first complete full roll out of the Global Mobile Marketing service Grexen Software from Toronto Developers Triple Data Inc.

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