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CAMEROON – Nealiko Enterprises, Nestlé Cameroon main robusta coffee exporters

In December 2014, which corresponds to the first month of the 2014-2015 coffee campaign concerning the robusta variety, Cameroon exported 698 tonnes of robusta coffee, a sensitive increase of over 263 tons exported in the same period during the last campaign.

According to figures revealed by the national cocoa and coffee Board (NCCB), Nealiko Enterprises company held the top of the keypad of the exports at the beginning of campaign, with 284 tons.

The Cameroon subsidiary of the Swiss food group, Nestlé, which embarked on the production of NESCAFÉ made from local coffee, exported 180 tons of robusta coffee in December 2014, for a first transformation in Côte d’Ivoire, before the finalisation of the transformation in its factory in Douala.

With 27 tonnes of robusta coffee exported in December 2014, the company Polis Agro Cam points to the 3rd position in the chart of the Cameroonian exporters, at the beginning of coffee campaign. According to the NCCB, 249 tonnes of arabica was exported since the start of the new campaign for this variety in October 2014