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CAMEROON – Festicoffee 2015 to take place from April 23-25 in 23 towns and cities

The 2015 edition of the International Cameroonian coffee festival (Festicoffee) will take place from April 23-25, 2015 in the Yaoundé Palais des Sports.

Sticking to tradition, this coffee celebration put on by the National Cocoa and Coffee Board (CICC) and the Ministry of Trade will involve coffee tasting in 23 towns and cities.

Festicoffee 2015’s theme will be: “Women in coffee”. According to the organisers, this theme will focus on the little known role women play in coffee cultivation in Cameroon.

Indeed, in the main coffee production areas, the West and North-West, traditional practices have thus far not recognised women’s rights to own land as land traditionally belongs to men.

Women simply farm the land. It is rare to find female coffee farmers in the strictest sense of the term as the women work on plantations owned by men and have no control over their income.