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Califia Farms launches Pour Over, a plant-based coffee culture magazine

Califia Farms, a maker of plant-based milk and coffee beverages based in Los Angeles, has just launched a branded print magazine called Pour Over. The magazine’s mission is to nourish and inspire the world with the wisdom of plant-based lifestyle.

“We highlight companies and individuals that are developing a more sustainable and humanitarian food system,” states the Editor’s Note.

“We embrace the boundless potential of plants. Coffee, one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world, is a dynamic example of this potential,” says Greg Steltenpohl, Co-Founder and CEO of Califia Farms.

“Although coffee plays a central role in many of our personal lives, the story of how a berry becomes a cup of coffee is much more complex — it joining together the lives of 25 million coffee farmers, an innumerable number of processors, graders, transporters, baristas, cafe owners, us and you.”

Plant powered stories

“This web of connections represents a multi-faceted, united, and optimistic opportunity for how we might nourish the future. In the pages of pour over, you’ll discover plant-powered stories that inspire each of us to create a more positive model of our food system by valuing personal health, farmer livelihood and environmental sustainability.

Our debut issue explores how blockchain technology could transform the coffee supply chain, the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry, and the alchemy of turning coffee waste into new materials for the fashion industry.

We take you behind-the-scenes on the journey from California almond farm, to Califia’s bottling plant, to the final pairing of Barista Blend and coffee at your local coffee shop. We settle, once and for all, the age-old debate about how you should take your coffee: black vs. white.”

Queen Califia, the Spirit of California

“The mythical Queen Califia, from whom we get our name, was known as the “Spirit of California” and lead an army of women warriors in a bountiful island paradise named California. Califia Farms and pour over magazine are inspired by this spirit of leadership and the bounty of our home state, the diversity of its people, and the flavors of its geography. Together, we can do our part in nourishing the future with the power of plants,” concluded Steltenpohl.

Publication Frequency

The first issue, which will be distributed for free at coffeehouses around the country, is out now and the company plans to publish bi-annually. Parts of the magazine are available online, but a few features exist only in print form. The second issue, which will focus on cold brew coffee, will be released in July.