Monday 27 June 2022

Caffè Vergnano presents City Line, a new range of products for the retail market

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TURIN, Italy — Caffè Vergnano presented a new range of products dedicated to the retail export segment: the City Line. The City Line includes three references that held the names of three Italian cities known in the world as symbol of the beauty of our country: Cortina, Portofino and Amalfi.

“Italianness has always been one of the values that distinguishes our coffee, with this new range we want to pay tribute to our country and celebrate the made in Italy know-how all over the world,” declares Carolina Vergnano, Head of Caffè Vergnano Export department.

The three blends created by Caffè Vergnano represent the perfect meeting point between the Italian character of a product and the international taste.

Amalfi, dedicated to those who prefer a fresher and more acidic cup with a delicate body (available both ground in 250 gr. Pack and whole beans in 500 grams pack, for moka, French press and filter), Portofino with a rounder taste (ground 250 grams and 500 gr. Pack of whole beans, for moka, French press and filter), and the fragrant, sweeter and aromatic Cortina (whole beans pack of 250, 500 grams and 1 kilo).

All the City Line blends are UTZ certified the sustainability program that identifies clearly a product whose realization has taken into consideration ethical and environmental aspects.

Caffè Vergnano is the oldest Italian roasting company. Managed by the Vergnano family since 1882, for 135 years it has pursued the culture and tradition of the authentic Italian espresso worldwide.

Caffè Vergnano exports in over 90 countries around the world, employs about 140 people and is the sixth-largest coffee company in Italy. The secret of the superior quality of Caffè Vergnano blends comes from the meticulous selection of the best coffee producers worldwide.

The choice of high-quality blends is joined by a consolidated experience in coffee processing, which still occurs in a traditional way through a slow roasting process. The cycles are made with different cooking times and temperatures depending on the origin, allowing to reach the exact degree of roasting.

Caffè Vergnano blends are found in the large-scale retail trade, in the best bars and in over 140 Caffè Vergnano 1882, the Italian coffee shop chain present all over the world.

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