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Caffè Molinari to launch XELECTO at Host 2015

Caffè Molinari will exhibit at SIC 2015 with the purpose to launch the new system XELECTO®, targeted at the new espresso professionals. In the past as well as in the present, the aim of a professional roaster has always been to produce a coffee featuring a constant quality and consequently to create a method of packaging able to conserve unchanged characteristics and freshness for long time.

To his inborn capacity to select and properly blend the best bulks of different origin Caffè Molinari combines a technological way of packing the coffee of own production.

Caffè Molinari has developed an innovative packaging system that keeps unchanged taste, fragrance, aroma and quality of the coffee as just fresh-roasted.

A very wide range of high-quality coffees, mono-origin and mono-cru, selected all around the globe as well as a wide range of water-mouthering flavoured preparation … always keeping in mind a perfect espresso!!!

The result is that now bar-keepers are in a position to offer to their casual and regular customers a high quality alternative coffee range, allowing them to declare and state that the BEST COFFEE IS THAT OF THE BAR.