Monday 29 May 2023

Caffè Corsini at Cibus 2016

Caffè Corsini will showcase at Cibus fair in Parma (May 9-12) all its new products, ranging from single origin capsules to the wellness line of natural infusions

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Caffè Corsini, leading company in the food & beverage market area, will be present at the Cibus fair in Parma (may 9-12) with a booth located in hall 6, F001, where it will be possible to taste its entire line, with the all new single origin tastes (pods and capsules) and the latest born in our family, the wellness infusions line.

Among the many novelties, the “Grand Cru” tubes will be available, Mapanga (Malawi) and Gayo (Sumatra), that contain 10 selfprotected capsules which, not being individually packaged, like in the past, not only do thet present themselves in a more captivating way, but also allow for less paper consumption, for a bigger respect toward the environment.

Moreover, the format of the entire line of Nespresso® compatible capsules has changed while those compati-ble with Dolce Gusto® machines will debut: the intense Gran Riserva, the Gran Riserva Arabica, the Gran Riserva decaf, cappuccino, chocolate and the Cortado macchiato coffee as well.

Lastly, Caffè Corsini’s teas and infusions brand grows bigger with a new line of capsules for beverages with all-natural ingredients (leaves, roots or flowers). Among these, the “Relax” one, with bitter orange peel, liquorice, chamomile, sweet orange peel, silver limewood, verbena, star anise and hawthorn; the “Digest” with star anise, mint, liquorice, canine rose, verbena, orange, rheum, achillea, chinchona, gentiana and true cardamom; the “Vi-tality”, with liquorice, canine rose, green matè, achillea, verbena, star anise, orange peel, mint, hibiscus, gin-seng root, guarana, cinnamon and, in the end, the “Ventre piatto” (tr. “Flat belly”) with green anis, coriander, cumin seeds and fennel.

Besides all of this, at the booth, there will be 33 products that contain the aromas and the cultures of different land, from Colombia to Brazil, from Jamaica to Kenya, India, El Salvador and many more, all of which are ex-tractible through different methods (not only espresso), among single origin coffee, blends, grand cru, flavored infusions and the newborn wellness line, with relaxing and depurative infusions.

Capsules and pods are compatible with all the major extraction systems and with the biggest coffee machines brands, an evergrowing market, due to a product which originates from an accurate selection of spots of culti-vation, production, and the severity of our quality tests which begin with the samples from the country of origin and end with post-sale customer satisfaction.

Says president Patrick Hoffer: “Corsini’s mission is based on quality but also on innovation. And this is why our range of products is ever evolving, crossing over to other markets close to the world of coffee like, for exam-ple, the flavored ones. Thanks to important investments in new technologies and upgrades in the existing ones, we guarantee always fresh products, renewed also in the packaging while maintaining, at the same time, the elegance and sophistication that we always had, especially taste-wise.

With Caffè Corsini is possible to recount the passion for coffee by sharing pictures on instagram with the #ilmomentoperfetto hashtag. Prizes available for the best shots. For more informations ad for our online shop


* The trade-marks do not belong to Corsino Corsini SpA nor to any of its participated companies.


This delicate coffee has been grown since 1700 on the mountains of the Tarrazu region, south of San Jose, at an altitude between 1200 and 1700 mt. The great climatic and geographical conditions and the richness of the perfectly drained volcanic soil, offer a great natural habitat for the cultivation of coffee. With its light, clean aroma and distinctive fragrance, Tarrazu coffee is one of the worlds best. Fragrant, full-bodied and well-balanced, a pleasure to enjoy during relaxing moments.


Rich and fruity

From the finest arabica beans, Mapanga comes from a single plantation situated in Malawi, a small south-east African state. Coffee has been cultivated in this area since 1890, but production remains limited so as to preserve its extraordinary quality. Cultivated and processed with extreme attention and meticulousness, this coffee is rich in body with a full and fragrant aroma, slightly fruity, perfect in mid morning or in the af-ternoon.

GAYO  Mountain (Sumatra – Indonesia)

Full body and spicy

This coffee is produced in the region of Aceh on the Takengon highlands in Sumatra, namely Sumatra Gayo Mountain Mandheling. The coffee grows in the beautiful mountain ranges from altitudes of 1,000 to 1,700 meters. The production methods of the Acehnese coffee farmers is more than 200 years old and therefore produces one of the very best coffees in the world. This coffee is organic and the association of producers is called “Tunas Indah Organic Cooperative”. Its full flavor and rich and spicy aroma are suitable at any time during the day, especially after dinner.

Dolce Gusto Intenso®

The new Dolce Gusto® line with an “intenso”blend, one of Caffè Corsini’s best sellers, ideal to take a break with a strong and energic taste.

Digest Caps

An infusion of the Benessere line with star anise, mint, liquorice, canine rose, verbena, orange, rhubarb, achil-lea, china, gentian and true cardamom.

Ventre Piatto Caps

Out of the new capsules line made only with natural ingredients (leaves, roots and flowers), the Ventre Piatto (tr. “Flat belly”) is made of green anis, coriander, cumin seeds and fennel.

Vitality Caps

Out of the new capsules line made only with natural ingredients (leaves, roots and flowers) a sip of energy due to liquorice, canine rose, green mate, achillea, verbena, tar anise, orange peel, mint, hibiscus, ginseng roots, guaranà and cinnamon.

History of Caffè Corsini

The roastery, funded in Arezzo in 1950, directed by Patrick Hoffer, is present in over 60 countries in the world, with more than 4500 tons of roasted coffee every year; it’s on the market with a wide selection of products aimed at the mass market, at the BAR channel, HO.RE.CA., OCS and VENDING (this last one has and ex-clusive line of dedicated products).

From the Caffè Corsini line to the Compagnia dell’Arabica, to the new Dita Artigianale brand, which proposes specialty coffee freshly roasted and selected by micro-roasteries, the prod-ucts cover 360 degrees every potential consumption request.

Among the products, milled coffee, coffee in beans, pods, american coffee, barley, coffees coming from biological agricultures, as well as ginseng and the tea line.

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