Tuesday 27 September 2022

Cafetto: the cleaning solution for coffee machines, comes from Australia

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RIMINI – During Sigep we inervied also Christ Short, responsible for Cafetto, a company specialized in washing products. It products manifectures cleaning sanitation products for the coffee industry. The main factory is in Australia.

Do you sell all over the world?

“Yes. We sell in Europe, in Asia, in the Middle Est, in the North and South American and obviously, in Australia and New Zeland. The companies to whom we sell the products in Italy are Evoca and Dvg and Rocket espresso. ”

What makes your detergents different?

“One of the keys is the organics. We have biologics products. We have a complete range of biological products for all the machines. The other branch covers almost every coffee machines in the world. We’re one of the few companies that can supply a product for every machine in a traditional formulation and in biological formulation.”

The different categories of your products?

“We make cleaners for the traditional coffee machines. We make a tablet for super authomatics. A very large range of tablets for all the different machines. We do tablets for Milk systems, milk systems cleaners, decalcification, descaling products, sanitaizing as ell. In summer in Italy and Europe soon, we supply also a great range of products for Cold Brew system and Nitro systems. We also supplies gelato.”

Cafetto's CEO Chris Short
Cafetto’s CEO Chris Short

Milk is a major problem for the coffee machines

“Particulary if the milk ends up in the boiler. So it’s very important, especially with the fresh milk, to be hygenic. It’s essential to have a regular daily cleaning with a properly formulated milk cleaner.”

Why should Europe and Italy buy a detergent from Australia?

“I think for two reason: now it’s a very international world now. So the manifacturing products can arrive from all over the globe. The other aspect is that Australia has a particular hard water. So we formulate a product for difficult conditions and it’s the same in a large part of Europe. Plus, we have a very sure and hard team. It’s always there when you need them.”

Why do you work in this sector, that is specialized in the cleaning of coffee machines?

“I used to live in Melbourne, the aim of coffee. I have lived there for many years and then I moved back to my hometown. And I wanted to have the same espresso experience that I had in Melbourne. So I bought a professional machines and I descovered that needed a special cleaner. And I started to search the best type of cleaner. So, basically I work in this sector because I love coffee.

The coffee market is a very creative one. There are a lot of machines manifacturies and a lot of coffee companies. But not so many people can make a very good cleaners. So I think that’s my special contribution for the sector.”

Chris Short with his wife
Chris Short with his wife

Coffee could change his taste with cleaning

“Yes, it’s true. Obvoiusly if there’s any residue from the chemical in the machine it’s going to have an effect in the taste. So one of our mission is to make sure that, having done the work of the cleaning, than it’s completely removed by the machine the chemical residue. Our customers can trust us.”

Something new for the future?

“Yes. We have several products that we’re going to present during this year. Hoping that wel havve ready for Wolrd of Coffee in Berlin, to release to the world our new solutions. We’re exhiting in Host in October. “

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