Saturday 30 September 2023

Coffee chain CAFÉLIER to operate three shops in Romania’s tallest building

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BUCHAREST, Romania – SkyTower Building, the tallest office building in Romania, has signed a new 10-year lease contract with CAFÉLIER – a premium specialty coffee shop operator offering a wide range of specialty coffees, artisanal sweets, and drinks.

The long-term partnership supports SkyTower development plans and the series of recent investments to reconvert and redesign indoor and outdoor spaces.

CAFÉLIER opens three service points in SkyTower: one in the newly redesigned high-tech lobby; one in the newly inaugurated SkyHub Events Centre area located on the first floor, and the third one will be a container design project located outside, right next to the recently completed urban garden of SkyTower.

“We welcome CAFÉLIER to our business community. Our decade-long partnership is strong proof of mutual trust, as well as a confirmation of our efforts in offering quality, innovation, constant upgrades, and modern workspaces. We aim to constantly improve, and best suit our tenants’ needs in relation with our iconic building, and we believe CAFÉLIER will be a great addition to our premium services.

We want to provide a modern and cosy working environment, where people benefit from the latest technologies, enjoy quality recreation moments, and feel like stepping into the future of office spaces,” said Florentina Mitricoaia, Leasing, and Asset Manager RPHI Romania – the company that owns and manages SkyTower.

CAFÉLIER core values focus on providing customers with not just a coffee, but a whole experience in a cup of coffee. CAFÉLIER emphasizes coffee, which means attention to detail starting from the methods of coffee preparation to the design concept, and the now well-known CAFÉLIER cups that have become a part of the brand image.

At the same time, CAFÉLIER cares about bringing the best origins of coffee, micro lots, competition, and experimental coffees as part of the taste experience. Like a journey to its origins, starting from the farmer and passing through a specific roasting process, the coffee is prepared by skillful baristas.

“We were looking for a place that is suitable for our vision, and we can say that it was love at first sight. “CAFÉLIER at Sky Tower” is our first project located in the heart of Bucharest’s business community, in a place that brings together people who match our concept. We are excited to operate our concept of specialty coffee and create high expectations, similar to the height of Romania’s tallest building,” said Corina Serban, Managing Partner at CAFÉLIER.

This year, SkyTower inaugurated exclusive facilities for the business community: the multifunctional SkyHub Events Centre featuring the first auditorium within an office building; the largest, state-of-the-art lobby LED video display, and the tallest green columns within an office lobby space. In addition, an urban garden was designed to support the tenants’ and visitors’ needs for a green, relaxing area.

Currently, SkyTower’s occupancy rate is almost 100%, with a balanced tenant mix of large and medium size companies.

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