Tuesday 04 October 2022

Café Santo Domingo expands its distribution to millions of consumers in the States

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NEW YORK, US – The Dominican company Industrias Banilejas (Induban) signed an agreement with Goya Foods for the exclusive distribution of Café Santo Domingo brand products in the northeastern region of the United States. Café Santo Domingo is one of the island’s most important coffee brands and is considered its most emblematic inside and outside the Dominican Republic.

Although the brand already had a good presence in the region, the agreement signed by Joseph Pérez, Senior Vice President of Goya Foods and Manuel Pozo Perelló, Executive President of Induban, will expand its distribution, which will give access to millions of people living in the Northeast of the United States, many who will be introduced to the Dominican brand and its products for the first time.

Also present at the signing of the agreement were Eddie Pacheco, Goya Foods Sales Execution Manager and Nelson de los Santos, Induban’s International Market Sales Manager.

In recent years, Goya Foods has expanded its offering by adding leading food brands from Latin America to its roster. These brands, which now include Café Santo Domingo, will reach thousands of points of sale, such as independent supermarkets, regional supermarket chains and national chains.

Café Santo Domingo is considered a Caribbean coffee brand and combines the best coffees beans roasted to perfection, with a complex aroma combining hazelnuts, caramel, and vanilla. Its taste strikes the perfect balance between the natural sweetness, soft acidity, and the subtle characteristic bitterness of coffee.

“This agreement places Café Santo Domingo in a privileged position, being one of the first distinctly Dominican brands capable of reaching the vast United States market through a leading distribution company in this country,” said Pozo Perelló, who also highlighted the significant milestone that this agreement means for both the company and for the Dominican Republic.

Similarly, Pozo Perelló indicated that the size of the coffee consumption market in the United States and the possibility of having an exceptional distribution chain, are a unique opportunity. He also stressed that this effort is part of an aggressive expansion strategy in

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