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Café Plaza helps 16-year-old high school students stand out in Taiwan

Taiwanese media reports on a sign dance MV are attracting significant attention among young people!

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Recently, an unusual “sign language craze” has caught fire among Taiwanese students. In order to help students realize their dreams of being seen by a wider audience, Café Plaza, a brand of coffee in Taiwan, helped students to shoot a “sign dance” music video, which was enthusiastically received by Taiwanese media and shared by netizens. The public’s impression of “sign language”is used by mute patients and interpreted in the news.

Taiwanese students have made it unique in an exceptionally creative way. They have combined sign language with dance and developed innovative “sign dance” performances to make “sign language” more appealing. Even more surprising, Taiwan coffee brand Café Plaza decided to help this creative group of remarkable students, so that these high schoolers can step up and be seen by everyone.

A group of 16-year-old high schoolers performed one of the world’s best sign dances which combines sign language and dancing. It is on par with the professionals!

“Sign dance” is a type of special performance developed by students, which is also the main method of performance for Taiwan’s unique high school “sign language associations”. The Taiwan high school sign language associations developed sign dance which is a type of special performance. The original intention of the Sign Language Society was to attract greater attention to sign language and inspire people to learn sign language, which is why dance elements were added which are popular among students. Up to now, the sign language clubs in Taiwan’s high schools have developed extraordinary associations in which members display top-tier dancing skills, while also communicating by sign language.

And this sign dance music videos, which has become viral amongst young people in Taiwan, features performers who are only 16-year-old high school students from a sign language society. They practiced tirelessly for a long period of time, and their consummate skills were on par with those of professional dancers. Their perfectly synced sign language more truthfully conveyed their spirit of standing up for their dreams and their hope to be seen by the world.

Café Plaza helps Taiwan’s valiant college students showcase Taiwan’s unique sign dance all over the world

More than 40 students from sign language clubs in four of Taiwan’s well-known high schools gathered to take part in the MV. Wearing school uniforms and incorporating the campus life into their background, they released the impassioned energy of 16-year-old youth and garnered overwhelming praise from Taiwanese netizens regardless of gender.

It was not only the sign dance music video (MV) that made people excited. The song used in the MV is also the theme song of Taiwan’s well-known coffee brand, Café Plaza. Café Plaza holds an annual music competition for Taiwanese students which supports students in realizing their dreams.

This year, Aden, a 19-year-old runner up in last year’s competition, received a special invitation to create a theme song. The lyrics depicted a story of training diligently and encouraged students to pursue their dreams.

As soon as it was released in Taiwan, it resonated deeply with young people and garnered more than 2 million views in less than a week. This time, sign dance was used to once again convey the spirit of pursuing a common dream amongst Taiwan’s students. As the song says, “step forward and show yourself to the world.”

The life of these Taiwanese high school students is not easy. They jointly performed this energetic? song which represents the aspirations of Taiwan’s students in order to let the whole world know that: “As Taiwanese High School Students, we will bravely step up and realize our dream of being seen by the entire world!”

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