Friday 09 December 2022

Café Joe, Israel’s leading coffee chain launches in the United States

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BOCA RATON, Fla., U.S. – Café Joe, a leading coffee chain in Israel with around 250 branches and points of sale across the country, has partnered with Karsh Industries LLC to bring their Nespresso compatible capsules and coffee to the United States as Café Joe USA.

Since Café Joe opened its doors in 1997, Café Joe has earned a reputation for bringing high-quality coffee to the marketplace at a price point that consumers love.

The initial US launch consists of the Café Joe Nespresso compatible capsules. In sleeves of 10 capsules, Café Joe USA’s 100% Arabica Nespresso compatible capsules are available in a variety of blends selected and designed by Joe’s coffee experts.

These include some limited edition flavors such as Columbia and Costa Rica, and a unique decaffeinated capsule, using the Swiss Water advanced technology which preserves the original and quality taste of coffee, without the use of chemicals during the process.

Café Joe’s capsules feature an innovative, air-tight “EVO” seal that ensures maximum coffee freshness, elevating the familiar espresso to new heights of flavor, body, and aroma.

The combination of this oxygen barrier and unique tamp dome “extra cream” technology generates an especially robust crema and extracts the perfect coffee from Café Joe’s gourmet blends, providing a rich and fulfilling coffee experience. All of the coffee is certified Kosher and created in small batches.

“Café Joe is excited to bring our delicious coffee to coffee lovers in the United States,” said Ari Schein, COO of Café Joe Israel. “Our Nespresso compatible capsules have become a huge hit in Israel and we are certain that will be embraced by US consumers.”

Café Joe USA launched with Nespresso compatible capsules on their website The company aims to be selling on retailers such as Amazon, Jet, and Walmart during Q1 2018 and then expand its product line throughout 2018.

The new products will include new varieties and flavors for the Nespresso compatible capsules as well as whole bean coffee, K-cups, and Turkish coffee.

“The introduction of our new product lines reflects our continuing growth and evolution. We are a coffee brand that will quickly become known in the United States for our commitment to fantastic quality and new product innovation,” said Aron Schoenfeld, Café Joe USA’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Over the last four months, we have elevated Café Joe’s industry profile outside of Israel via the sale of our Nespresso compatible capsules. As we quickly introduce our next lines, we are confident that our new products will extend our market success.”

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