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Café Express knows everyone loves good coffee in (Austral) winter

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Winter is literally just around the corner in New Zealand and although we may be loath to say goodbye to those lovely autumn days, a small part of us actually looks forward to ‘battening down the hatches’ for some crisp winter weather – and some good coffee!

Café Express have come up with the perfect answer to those nasty winter days when we are cooped up in the office, very disinclined to venture out into the rain and wind for a coffee break. They bring the café experience into the office!

There is absolutely no doubt that New Zealanders have become very particular regarding their coffee ‘fix’ over the last few years, and it is no longer deemed acceptable to stock a jar of instant coffee in the office kitchen.

So, it is with this in mind that Café Express have come up with the ideal solution – having great coffee at work and enhancing office culture by having a bit of fun doing it, yet another office coffee solution, and this is why the Café Express experience has taken over so many offices and staffrooms all over New Zealand.

Astute employers will realise that the way to keep their employees happy is to install a really great coffee machine for their use.

Café Express have the best people, great products and super service and they have gathered all the experts to deliver their outstanding products.


Café Express use environmentally friendly products and methods as much as possible in everyday business practices, and promote fair trade organic coffees and ethical teas over the norm, choosing their suppliers carefully, reviewing their environmental sustainability practices before engaging them.

At Café Express they keep their power use, packaging waste, and water use to a minimum, They offer a Green catalogue, full of fair-trade, ethical, and environmentally sustainable products, including Eco store cleaners, biodegradable cups, plates and cutlery.

Café Express is the number one coffee and coffee machine solutions provider in New Zealand, and are a trusted partner to many of New Zealand’s largest companies. As well as providing the best coffee and coffee machines and service in New Zealand, they supply their customers with loads of other great stuff too – such as tea, kitchen consumables, fresh milk, and cleaning products.

For further information about coffee machine hire or getting a barista at work please visit their website at  .


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