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This country drinks more coffee than any other nation in the world

HELSINKI, Finland – In Helsinki’s 60-year old Café Succès, I watched a couple old Finnish women chatting over coffee and pastries by the window. Beside them, an anxious businessman checked his phone as ...

Brand cafés: less about coffee or income, more about the selfie?

HONG KONG – In today’s consumption environment that is driven by selfies and social media, a brand cafe is the ultimate playground. Look no further than Chanel’s pop-up beauty themed Coco Cafe which opened its doors on June 10 in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Independent cafes add extra something to compete against coffee giants

SEOUL, South Korea – Cafe 468, located in a quiet residential area in Euijeongbu, just north of Seoul, has the perks a trendy coffee shop should have -- Instagrammable decor, tasty options using quality beans, pastries and bread, all at affordable prices -- which keep the establishment competitive in South Korea's saturated coffee market.

Coffee franchise named after Australian barista thrives in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea – Paul Bassett – a coffee franchise named after an Australian barista – has just celebrated the opening of its 80th coffeehouse in South Korea. Operated by M’s Seed, a Maeil Holdings affiliate, the franchise was launched in September 2009 introducing “specialty coffee,” a concept that was...

How Café Plum succeeded in an overcrowded coffee shop market

LONDON – When Karen started up Café Plum with her husband Ben, their offering of Italian espresso was new to 1997 Fulham. Twenty years later, Café Plum boasts three central London locations and continues to thrive in what has become a highly competitive, multi-billion pound industry.

Study finds unsecured coffee shop Wi-Fi is particularly ‘high-risk’

MILAN – Public Wi-Fi networks are an absolute godsend. They act as our lifeline to the outside world while travelling or even just when the 4G is down. But have you thought about the potential risks these open networks might pose to your privacy? A new security report has warned of the potential security dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi ...

Aroma Bravo and Tea comments on the latest avocado latte trend

CARSON CITY, NV, U.S. – Yet another trend is currently making the rounds in the hipster coffee world. The so-called “Avocado Latte” is the most recent addition to the ever-growing list of unusual coffee drinks that have gained popularity on social media, particularly among millennials.

Watch: King Salman shows Trump Saudi coffee drinking etiquette

JEDDAH, SAUDI Arabia – When US President Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia Saturday he was first treated to a traditional coffee at the airport in Riyadh. King Salman enjoyed a cup of coffee with the American president and also taught him the traditional technique of asking a server to stop pouring.

Innovative coffee shops are bringing late-night cafe culture to the UK

LONDON – Aside from the odd after dinner espresso, coffee drinking has always been a daytime pursuit in Britain. But a new wave of cafes across the country are showing that there’s room (and demand) for late-night coffee bars and all-day tea houses. Over the last few years, late-night ...

DOCASA, Inc., secures first liquor license for London coffee shop

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., U.S. – DOCASA, Inc., through its subsidiary, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs Limited, based in the United Kingdom ("UK"), has secured a first liquor license for its newly extended and refurbished coffee shop in London's iconic Old Spitalfields Market.