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Bwt at Host: A new water standard for coffee preparation worldwide

Professional coffee brewing. Image source: iStock

MILAN, Italy – From 18th to 22nd October, BWT water+more, Europe’s leading manufacturer of water optimisation systems for the catering industry, will present trade visitors at Host its customised solutions for all hotel/restaurant/catering industries in which the optimum water quality has a decisive influence on the quality of the end product: coffee, tea and hot drinks, ovens, combi steamers, dishwasher technology, water dispensers and much more.

This year, BWT water+more is focussing on a revolutionary new overall concept for the best coffee water: standardised, uniform worldwide and with the patented BWT magnesium technology.

Indispensable for everyone who earns a living out of coffee and related products – for maximum protection for machines and equipment and full coffee aroma.

BWT bestaqua 14 ROC: Product launch on the international stage

The team of BWT water+more looks forward to presenting its latest development, BWT bestaqua 14 ROC, to an international audience at HOST 2019 Pav. 24 Booth R60 S51.

The innovation, merely the size of a filter candle, is based on reverse osmosis technology and signifies a new era in water optimisation.

“BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee is a combination of reverse osmosis and the successful, patented BWT magnesium technology. This is all combined in a very compact design, enabling the production of the best very water for making coffee – any time, any place!” explains Sergio Barbarisi, Managing Director of BWT water+more Italy.

Pure water with a perfectly balanced mineral content

Anyone who knows anything about the association between water quality and coffee taste will know the importance of having pure water with a perfectly balanced mineral content for the best possible extraction of the fine coffee aromas.

BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee is the new unique tool for round the clock perfect water using reverse osmosis. Image credit: BWT water+more

In the first step, the BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee removes any unwanted suspended particles, odours and flavours. In the second optimisation step, the water is then given the ideal mineral composition for the preparation of coffee as well as tea and cocoa thanks to the BWT magnesium technology.

The water optimisation can then be precisely adapted to the desired application by means of a freely scalable blend setting.

“With the compact unit, users can use the BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee to produce the best coffee water of a consistently high quality, regardless of the water quality at their location,“ says engineer Lorenz Haschka, Product Manager and Project Leader at BWT AG.

The new tool for baristas, coffee roasters, cafe owners and anyone else who makes a living from coffee has an exceptionally long life and is highly efficient and straightforward to use.

An important partner to the coffee industry

With its development of sensory water optimisation, BWT water+more has brought the link between water quality and coffee taste into the awareness for both coffee drinkers and makers around the world.

“In the preparation of coffee, the entire process has to be right: from the cultivation of the coffee beans to the preparation,” explains Michael Hübner, Director of Sales Germany at BWT water+more. With up to 98 %, water is not only the main ingredient of all coffee but also an important medium of extracting more than 800 aroma components.

It is therefore obvious that the quality of the water has an influence on the final coffee taste. “Coffee can only taste as good as the water quality allows. Water optimisation from BWT water+more is therefore much more than simply protection against limescale, corrosion and gypsum deposits for machines and equipment,” says Michael Hübner.

“The sensory optimisation gives you exactly the right water for making coffee. Using this extraction method, the coffee’s full aroma is revealed. The right water makes for more enjoyable coffee as it gets the best out of the roast.”

BWT bestmax Premium is the water filter for taste experts thanks to its innovative BWT magnesium technology. Image credit: Beate Kupka

BWT water+more understands the process

With its expertise in all things concerning coffee water, its commitment to the worldwide coffee community, coffee event sponsorship and, last but not least, its water optimisation systems, BWT water+more has been an important and reliable partner to the coffee industry for years. The company understands coffee processing and preparation from A-Z and provides suitable technologies for the best taste results in the cup and clean, fault-free machine technology.

Its water optimisation tools have long been a bestseller amongst coffee professionals and coffee lovers throughout the world. With the products for coffee preparation by BWT water+more, users benefit from reliable machine and equipment protection and the sensory optimisation of water and, as a result, coffee, tea and cocoa.

The reception of these products amongst baristas around the world and their networking with the worldwide barista community reflects positively on BWT water+more. Sergio Barbarisi takes a practical view on it all: “Come and visit us at HOST 2019 Pav. 24 Booth R60 S51 and see for yourself how much water influences coffee taste and how easy it is to optimise water for coffee extraction yourself!”

BWT bestmax is the original among the filters for water optimisation. Image credit: Beate Kupka

BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH

BWT water+more is part of the BWT Group and is a specialist for water optimisation technologies for the hotel and catering industries. The company, founded in 2005, has the world’s largest product portfolio for professional water optimisation for coffee specialities, hot and cold drinks as well as baking, steaming and dishwashing technology.
The clever filter systems and complete solutions offer optimum conditions for success in the hotel, restaurant and catering industries.

The Best Water Technology Group is Europe’s leading water technology company. Four thousand employees provide customers in private households, industry, trade, hotels and municipalities with innovative, highly efficient and environmentally friendly water processing technologies which offer the highest degree of safety, hygiene and health in daily contact with water.

BWT provides modern treatment systems and services for drinking water, process water, pure water for pharmaceuticals, heating water, boiler and air conditioning water as well as for swimming pool water.

Using the latest methods, BWT employees in research and development work on new processes and materials with the goal of developing highly efficient and environmentally friendly products. An important aspect of this is the reduction of the resource and energy consumption of the products and therefore the reduction of CO2 emissions.