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BSCA launches new branding

BSCA launched its new branding “Brazil. The Coffee Nation” at the 27th Annual SCAA Exposition, the main global fair for the sector.

A new history for Brazilian specialty coffees began in Seattle, in the United States, during the main global fair for the sector, the 27th Annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Exposition.

During a luncheon organized by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) for a group of 500 professionals from around the world, the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), In-Country partner of the Institute in Brazil, officially launched its new branding concept: “Brazil. The Coffee Nation.”

The new branding for national specialty coffees was elaborated, with the support of P&A Marketing and BSCA, by Place Branding, a company hired by the sectorial project Brazilian Specialty and Sustainable Coffees, which is developed by the Association in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

The idea is to show that Brazil has a history of success in the world of coffee, a sector that generates income for producing family, from the small to the medium farms and to the large ones. It is the largest producer and exporter and the second-largest consumer.

According to BSCA president Silvio Leite, the project also has the objective of showing the sustainable performance of national coffee cultivation, social, economic and environmental, and exposes the important legislation that the production system follows, practically unknown by international buyers.

“In Brazil, the enforcement of labor law covers all rights, with the worker, in any part of the country, supported by strict legislation for the producer, however fair for both.

In addition, our producers respect and are exceedingly concerned about the environment on their farms, such that, on the basis of our legislation, they obligatorily obey the legal reserve of 20% of their farms for the protection of biodiversity,” Leite stresses.

The manager of Brazilian Specialty and Sustainable Coffees at Apex-Brasil, Cláudio Borges, affirms that the partnership that the Agency has had with BSCA since 2009 is a cause for pride and that, now, it has reached an extremely important moment with the creating of the “Brazil. The Coffee Nation” concept.

“This brand, in the context of the branding strategy, summarizes the positive attributes of our specialty coffees and will position the country well beyond where we are now as the largest global producer and exporter, in order to also be recognized as a source of high-end products, which are already present in the most sophisticated and demanding consumption points.

At this time and with this project, Brazil positions itself facing the market and stops being positioned by it and by its competition,” stresses Broges.

The definition of the new concept “Brazil. The Coffee Nation” was elaborated through the efforts of members and the support of BSCA directory after studies carried out in the most diverse spheres of foreign and domestic market identified “authenticity,” “convenience,” and “gourmetization,” as aspects valued by consumers, being perfect reflections of the specialty coffee market, whose players should concern themselves with and execute the concept of sustainability in all their procedures, demonstrating that Brazilian specialty coffees are meant for people who are also special.

“The promotional actions about the concept ‘Brazil. The Coffee Nation’ will present Brazilian and international consumers to the culture and history of success of the country in coffee, revealing the passion, the history and the tradition of sustainability, and the success of Brazil as a producer, industrializer and exporter, in addition to bringing to light professionalism, knowledge, diversity and commitment to buyers.”

“We live a true coffee culture intensely and have great knowledge for producing fantastic beans, the fruit of partnerships with top-notch academic centers. For 300 years Brazil has been building a strong and differentiated identity, with the objective of aggregating even more value to our products, grown and prepared with the excellence that only Brazilians have and linked to the glamour of the buying end,” BSCA executive director Vanusia Nogueira emphasizes.

The president of the entity recounts that the project also focuses on the diversity of the producing regions and the types of coffee cultivated in Brazil, detailing the options available for all segments, the size of the properties/producers and the harvesting processes.

“The country has much to show the world of coffee and this new concept is a form of losing this shyness. Like the Brazilian people, who have many faces, Brazil’s coffees also have a diversity of types and flavors, quality production, commercial and high-commercial coffees, identified by farm, micro- and nano-lots, in addition to Cup of Excellence-standard coffees, a program that was started in Brazil and has been remarkable for showing the most demanding buyers that we produce rare gems, that surprise the world, including, most recently, specialty natural beans, with extraordinary flavors,” he says.

Silvio Leite finishes by saying that the program also aims to show that there are specialized professionals in Brazil and that the country has knowledge, research, technology and, mainly, social sustainability. “We are the Coffee Hunters’ paradise and we have rare gems for the world. Thus, what we will do is abandon the idea that ‘Brazil has a history of success in coffee, but it seems we’re embarrassed to tell it,’” he concludes.

In Brazil

The domestic launch of the new branding “Brazil. The Coffee Nation” will occur over the 6th Forum & CoffeeDinner, organized by the Conselho dos Exportadores de Café do Brasil (CeCafé), on May 18, in the Sala São Paulo, in the São Paul capital, during a dinner and evening program of the event. Those interested can watch the video with the new concept “Brazil. The Coffee Nation” on the BSCA YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/QzLIyjlAZsg.

About the project

The focus of Brazilian Specialty and Sustainable Coffees is the commercial promotion of Brazilian specialty coffees on the international market.

The objective is to strengthen the image of Brazilian products around the world and position Brazil as a supplier of high quality, using cutting-edge technology coming from research performed in the country.

The project also seeks to expose the exclusive certification and traceability processes adopted in the domestic production of specialty coffees, evincing its socio-environmental responsibility and incorporating competitive advantage into Brazilian products.

Started in 2009, the term of the current project goes from April 2014 to the same month in 2016 and targets markets in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Companies that are still not part of the project can obtain more information directly from BSCA, via telephone at (35) 3212-4705 / (35) 3212-6302 or via e-mail to exec@bsca.com.br.