Wednesday 29 June 2022

Single-serve startup adds former Caffitaly CEO to its Board

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LOS ANGELES, USA – Bruvi, a multi-beverage and multi-brand single-serve coffee system that offers remarkably tastier coffee and ingenious Guilt Free Toss pods, announced today that Andrea Clementini has joined their Board of Advisors.

As CEO of Italy-based Caffitaly, Mr. Clementini grew the business to become the third largest player in the competitive European single-serve coffee market. With over 20 years experience in the coffee industry, including as CFO of Saeco, Clementini became a Bain Advisor in 2020. Now he joins Bruvi as a Board Advisor, providing a ringing endorsement for the product and the single-serve opportunity in the US.

Clementini will assist Bruvi with supply chain diversification strategies and provide production expertise as the brand approaches national launch in Q3 2022.

The direct to consumer start-up taps into the $7B US single-serve capsule coffee market which is growing over 10% annually, benefitting in part from the growth and continued premiumization of at-home coffee consumption during the pandemic.

Bruvi offers the convenience and ease of use of single-serve, and raises the game with a patent pending brewing system, B-Pods®, sustainably sourced craft coffees, and a connected system. It brews filter coffee as well as true espresso, Americanos and the first cold brew from a single-serve capsule system.

“The Bruvi product is outstanding. When I tasted the quality of espresso, the brewed coffee and did a deep dive into all the technical features of this brewer, I realized that Bruvi has successfully created the next generation in single-serve machines that rival the taste and quality of expensive home brewing equipment,” said Andrea Clementini.

“European single-serve brands have a hard time competing with the dominance of Keurig because they don’t deliver the taste, product and experience that the American consumer wants. Bruvi solves all those problems and even provides solutions the American consumer doesn’t know it needs yet, like instant heating, hygienic brewing and the ability to have real 9 bar espresso beverages or cold brew out of the same machine.”

“Andrea is a superstar in the single-serve coffee space in Europe and we are beyond pleased that he has agreed to help Bruvi as we prepare to launch in the US,” said Mel Elias, Bruvi Co-Founder. “I have worked extensively with Andrea during his time at Caffitaly and he is one of the few executives that truly has the complete range of knowledge and experience in this space.”

Single-serve brewers continue to be the second most popular way Americans consume coffee with high future purchase intent demonstrating the US consumer’s continued love affair with coffee and convenience.

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