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BREAKING NEWS – Wolthers America since 1951 and Douqué join forces to form Wolthers Douqué LLC, USA

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, US – Wolthers America since 1951 and Douqué, The Netherlands since 1895 have joined forces in what is now called Wolthers Douqué LLC, USA.

We are certain that this collaboration will enhance the services we provide to our clients in the North American, European and Asian markets,” stated the two companies in an Announcement to Clients and Collaborators.

Wolthers Douqué will now source and distribute multiple origins while remaining the exclusive partner of NUCOFFEE – Brazilian coffee supply program into USA.

The new origins to be offered are Central and South America, Indonesia and East Africa and as mentioned, the best Brazilian coffees from NUCOFFEE /Nutrade.

Wolthers Douqué will also represent on exclusive basis for the US of A and Canada, Mild Coffee Company in Huila, Colombia; this is a Douqué owned coffee Trilladora and export Company.

Our main staff includes Christian Wolthers as President/CEO, Alan B. Odom as VP-Sales, Henny Ossendrijver – CFO, Roberta Vieira as Controller, and Patricia Abrahao in Logistics and Commercial Support.

In addition, please note that all contracts under Wolthers America Inc. will flow to Wolthers Douqué LLC under the same terms and conditions.

Christian Wolthers is a US Resident since 1996 and his participation in the US coffee trade has proven very active as he carries the titles of member of the Coffee Strategy Advisory Board of Dunkin Donuts in 2006, Past Chairman of the SCAA Technical Standards Committee in 2002/2004, President of the SCAA in 2004/2005, Chairman of the UTZ Kapeh NGO in 2005/2007.

Tom Douqué has been a coffee trader for over 50 years. In these years he has become well respected and known in the world of coffee.

Currently he is the Vice President green coffee of E.C.F. and he is the CEO of Douqué Group for many years. Douqué Group operates with four companies, J. Th. Douqué’s Koffie B.V., A. van Weely B.V., Mild Coffee Company N.V. and Alessie & Co. B.V.. MCC is the owner of a trilladora in Huila, Neiva Colombia.