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Brazilian startup NexBev launches pre-blended alcoholic pod drinks

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, U.S. — NexBev, a Brazilian startup dedicated to infusing innovation into traditional beverages, has announced the launch of its new line of pre-blended alcoholic pod drinks. The new line of hot alcoholic beverages is similar to the now-ubiquitous single-serve coffee pods and works in the same machines.

The main difference – the NexBev® pods have booze in them. Each pod comes with enough alcohol and flavor syrup to make a single hot cocktail, and comes in flavors like Hot Wine, Irish Coffee, Choconhaque (hot chocolate and Cognac), Quentão (a creamy hot Brazilian delicacy with flavors of ginger and spices) and rum-infused cream, which can be added after a single-serve coffee.


Each drink winds up being about 4% ABV, depending on the beverage and how much water the user selects when making the beverage.

“We are passionate about innovation in beverages, and we also love sitting down with a nice, hot Irish Coffee,” says NexBev® CEO Rick Schatz. “It’s taken us nearly two years of research and development to bring these pods to market, and we’re so thankful that the time is finally here to share these delicious beverages with the world.”

The NexBev® pods are biodegradable and the company has been recognized as being in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

NexBev® will make its U.S. debut at the 2019 Las Vegas Licencing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 4-6.