Tuesday 21 March 2023

BRAZIL – Coffee exports to Arab countries grow by seven percent

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According to the latest report from the Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council (Cecafé), nearly 820,000 60-kilogram bags of coffee were shipped from Brazil to Arab countries from January to July 2014, reflecting a seven per cent increase from the same period in 2013.

Brazil’s overall global coffee exports grossed over USD 3.45 billion for the first seven months of the current year, showing an 11 per cent increase from 2013. In addition, shipped volume stood at 20.56 million bags, demonstrating an 18.5 per cent increase.

For July alone, which is the first month of the 2014/2015 crop, export revenues reached USD 557 million—showing a 59 per cent increase from the first month of the prior crop cycle.

Nearly three million bags were shipped, up by 33.5 per cent July-on-July. Industry analysts have pointed out that the good export volume figures from January to July of 2014 can be attributed to good foreign sales performance, with Brazil reinforcing its 32 per cent global market share.

Dr. Michel Alaby, General Secretary and CEO, ABCC, said, “Brazil’s excellent performance figures of coffee shipments to Arab countries and the rest of the world remain very positive and largely due to remaining inventory. The continuation of this favorable trend in months to come will hinge on the harvesting of the ongoing crop.”

The leading export targets for Brazilian coffee are the United States, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Japan.

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