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Bravo Brewer: Introducing the brewing world from Sanremo’s perspective

Bravo Brewer

MILAN – Bravo brewer is a new product released by Sanremo Coffee Machines and now available by all Sanremo distributors worldwide. This tool, being exclusively dedicated to brewing, will give all coffee lovers the chance to experience new extraction procedures which enhance the quality of their coffee blends in an easy but performing way.

Bravo is a perfect combination of innovative design and physics application, blended in with incredible practicality. It is the first brewing tool that can be used in a simple and intuitive way with different extraction techniques, from infusion to percolation, giving the user the chance to adjust air and water intake in order to intensify the organoleptic characteristics of coffee.

Infusion water flows through a hyperbolic funnel, which thanks to its special design and inner downward ribbing surface, gives the incoming fluid a special whirpool speed enhancing the right infusion with coffee powder.

In this phase the Barista can regulate the oxygen level adjusting manually the incoming air flow through a graduated valve, as well as choose any additional flavourings to inject in the coffee recipe.

Fluid goes through the Venturi section by means of a button, to be activated manually:
taking advantage of suction physics dynamics, coffee is quickly guided into the static mixer, where its different aromatic components are processed and homogeneously mixed before entering in the decanter glass.

The toroidal shape of this last element, hand blown by the Venetian glass master Mr. Zoran, amplifies the authentic back flavours and aromas of each coffee blend, rising up the expression of its organoleptic potential.

Bravo brewer is 100% made in Italy: from the design stage to the production one. In fact, its ambassadors are Italian: Mr. Giacomo Vannelli, award-winning Italian barista champion in 2014, 2015 and 2019 and Ms. Elisa Urdich, best Italian barista in 2018 and new 2020 Italian Brewer champion.

Elisa and Giacomo are the key-players of the tutorial videos you can access at the following link.

All videos, available in Italian and English language, show how the Bravo Brewer is so easy to use both as professional and domestic tool, making it the perfect coffee accessory for the fast-growing “home-made” brewing market segment, which is attracting more and more coffee lovers around the world.

For further technical and sale info, visit the online page.