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Bravilor Bonamat launches fresh milk solution for Esprecious machine

HEERHUGOWAARD, The Netherlands – FreshMiIk has been specially designed for the Esprecious espresso machine. As a well-made espresso is the key to every coffee speciality.

Made from freshly ground beans of course! The advanced FreshMilk unit keeps the fresh milk cool.

Steam, air and milk —the three key elements— are perfectly mixed together in the professional frother. Resulting in perfect milk foam on top of your cappuccino, latte macchiato or ordinary latte.

Bravilor Bonamat stands for quality, in every single way. Both machines are made of the best, strongest and longest-lasting materials to guarantee perfection.

People increasingly want to enjoy coffee to the full; fresh milk contributes significantly to the ultimate coffee experience.

You will benefit from many practicalities, as the Esprecious is a fully automatic espresso machine.

Advantages such as ease of use, quick and consistent preparation. Once you have decided to use fresh milk, hygiene is of the utmost importance.

As you would expect, Bravilor Bonamat developed the FreshMilk with service and maintenance in mind.

The intuitive touchscreen takes you through the cleaning programme step by step. The automatic rinsing programme ensures that the in-cup quality remains high, time after time.

The Esprecious will remain available for topping too, as some customers prefer milk powder rather than fresh milk. This might be more convenient if the machine is not to be used every day.

Both machines will be available soon. You can contact Bravilor Bonamat for more information, either by e-mail sales@bravilor.com or call +31 72 575 1751.