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BRANDING – Gourmet, hand-roasted coffee and chocolate retailer Cafe Britt uses AgilOne’s predictive marketing cloud to help grow business and engagement

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, US – AgilOne, the predictive marketing cloud company, today announced the Costa Rica based gourmet, hand-roasted coffee and hand-made chocolate retailer Café Britt as a customer.

Café Britt is a company that prides itself on the unique, authentic and personalized experience each customer has with the brand.

They plan to use AgilOne to deliver that same personalized experience across all channels with customized campaigns such as abandoned browse reminders, smart product recommendations and reactivation offers.

The company has stores in ten countries with plans to expand to four more. Each store is tailored to its region: for example, the Colombia store has Colombian culture design and product influences.

They would like to take this customization a step further and apply it to their individual customers online and offline. AgilOne is helping this company bring the rich taste of authentic, locally roasted and handmade coffees and chocolates from different regions to the world without losing the integrity or personalized touch.

“We are a very customer-oriented brand, so it is very important for us to know what our customers like, how they interact with the brand, how their behaviors and preferences are changing, etc. Before AgilOne we were blindfolded when it came to our customers.

Now with their predictive marketing technology we can understand our customers, reach them with campaigns that were not possible before and do exactly what our founder envisioned — change the way people drink coffee,” said Café Britt Head of Online Marketing & E-commerce Sourav Sharma.

Café Britt has already seen success with some initial campaigns right out of the gate such as personalized welcome emails, which saw an 18 percent increase in open rate and a 15 percent increase in conversion rate. They were also able to bring back nine percent of their inactive customers with birthday and anniversary campaigns.

Using AgilOne the company has begun to segment their customers by product preferences and buying behaviors, and plans to use this information to begin sending these groups relevant content. For example, they are now able to group their customers who only buy chocolate products, understand the flavors they tend to buy and more accurately cross-sell to these customers with coffee products they may like.