Monday 27 June 2022

Borderless blend, the coffee blend that challenges an upside down world

The Borderless blend, a new coffee blend of 100% Arabica coffee, was born to support the family of Yehor Polianskyi a roaster in the Ukrainian city of Ternopyl.

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MONZA (Italy) – The desire to contribute to help the Ukrainian population in these terrible days has become impelling for many people. The generosity of many is really manifesting itself in many ways and also His Majesty the Coffee has decided to promote a concrete initiative. The desire that moved Paolo Scimone and his team was to help someone in particular, to create a specific project, aimed at supporting a family, people, familiar faces.

The Borderless blend

Thus, in the specialty roasting plant in Monza, a new blend of 100% Arabica coffee was born, born from the awareness that we are in an upside-down world. Physically the label has been rotated, to better render the feeling of estrangement that the events of these days are affecting us.

The Borderless blend was born to support the family of Yehor Polianskyi, a colleague, but above all a friend. A roaster in the Ukrainian city of Ternopyl, Yehor had to move his family away, who fled because of the dire war situation.

Yehor Polianskyi at work (photo credits by His Majesty the Coffee)

His wife Maryna and children Yehor jr. and Eve are now in Poland, while Yehor is continuing to work at the request of the Ukrainian president, supporting the civilian refugee population and the military. Unfortunately, in this way he is no longer able to support his family.

The Easter blend this year must carry a true message of peace: all the incomes of the Borderless blend will be entirely sent to Yehor’s family.

Bordeless Blend will be available in only one version, 250 g, in beans or ground, depending on your needs. It is a blend designed to be consumed in espresso or moka pot, capable of enhancing the aromatic notes of orange, dark chocolate and prunes.

A strong social impact

The choice of His Majesty the Coffee remains to focus on quality: the coffees are chosen from micro-lots selected by Paolo Scimone, roasted separately to enhance the qualities of each origin and then blended to create the final harmony. The composition includes 3 different coffees, coming from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Brazil.

Yehor Polianskyi (photo credits by His Majesty the Coffee)

Trying to involve all the coffee lovers, His Majesty the Coffee really wants to have a strong social impact: to interest its customers in this project for HMC means to flood the possibility to really contribute to change the difficult situation that the Ukrainian population is living.

It is possible to purchase the coffee bag here.

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