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THE BOOK – Coffee makers, featuring 2000 antique coffee makers photographed in the homes of the most important collectors in the world. Preface by Giuseppe Lavazza

MILAN – Authors and collectors of antique coffee machines, Enrico Maltoni and Mauro Carli, spent two years travelling around the world in order to write a true encyclopaedia of the coffee maker.

The book features thousands of images, original documents (patents, catalogues, manuals, advertising postcards, operating diagrams) and detailed technical captions, and is a pleasant read packed with interesting information and anecdotes which had never before been published.

libro maltoni Four hundred years of history, from the origins of coffee with its complicated ceremonials and simple equipment to today’s electric espresso machines. Coffee Makers, the sheer mass of information in this book makes it unique: 2700 images, 2080 technical descriptions and many texts, organised in different historical periods.

An in-depth book for coffee lovers, it will also interest those who are just discovering the fascinating machines used for the daily ritual of coffee preparation. A number of events throughout Europe have been organised to present Coffee Makers, during which temporary exhibitions will be set up providing an extensive overview of the antique coffee makers depicted in the book.

Many rare models will be on show at these events, ranging from Turkish coffee pots to Toselli’s locomotive, from the lever machines produced by Faema to Bialetti’s Moka, and the authors will be revealing other curiosities, too.

Coffee tasting sessions will follow the presentations, the coffee prepared using the valuable coffee makers and different extraction systems. The dates of the events will soon be published in the News section of www.coffeemakers.it

The book will be available at www.coffeemakers.it and on sale exclusively in Mondadori bookshops in Italy as of the 15th September 2013.

In his preface Giuseppe Lavazza writes: “Coffee Makers. I can identify with the title and, indeed, have always felt this way: that I am someone who makes coffee. Just like a trusted coffeepot or a state-of-the-art or even futuristic espresso maker.”
Format: 24.5x30cm – Pages: 776 – Price: € 100.00 – ISBN 978-88-90065-26-2
Publisher: Collezione Enrico Maltoni – 1st Edition – 2013 – Italian/English – colour illustrations