Monday 03 October 2022

Boncafé’s communication campaign promotes the new packaging design

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SINGAPORE – Coffee manufacturer Boncafé has partnered with ZOO Group Singapore to launch an integrated communications campaign to promote a new packaging design for its roasted and ground coffee collection, as well as create brand and product awareness among the Millennials.

Using wholly painted bus wraps on single decker buses, ZOO Group chose strategic bus routes to boost the campaign’s visibility. Complementing that, digital OOH advertising solutions were employed in areas that receive high footfall like Bugis Junction and public transport stops. Wobblers on supermarket shelves helped promote the product in-store.

In-store activation is also used, specifically on supermarket shelves, to promote Boncafé’s products.

Additionally, the campaign uses social media engagement and digital banners that revolves around the theme of passion, emphasising on passionate people, everyday passions, and Boncafé’s passion for coffee.

According to a press release, Boncafé aims to reach out to Millennials in Singapore as the demographic holds the most spending power. The campaign will run for three months, with Boncafé considering an extension. Media360 Communications helped with the media liaison of Boncafé’s campaign said a spokesperson from ZOO Group Singapore.

Tammy Chua, Boncafé’s regional marketing manager, said the campaign is in line with its continuous effort to improve its product, adding that the company is pleased to work with ZOO Group Singapore for the campaign.

Early last year in January and February, Boncafé expanded its products and services into Indonesia and Dubai respectively.

The coffee manufacturer currently has offices in eight other countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, and Maldives. Boncafé also carries a range of other products including tea, chocolate beverages, and oat drink “Oatly!”.

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