Tuesday 27 September 2022

Bold Move Beverages, a creator of whiskey and cold brew coffee cocktail, launches its WeFunder campaign

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AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA – Bold Move Beverages, creator of a whiskey-and-cold brew canned cocktail, announces the public launch of its WeFunder campaign on August 1st at 12 AM EST. The equity crowdfunding campaign is fundraising via SAFE notes with a 15% discount and a dynamic valuation cap starting at $5M for Early Birds who invest the first $150,000, and a $6M cap for investors thereafter.

Prior to the campaign’s public launch, it earned $50,000 in funding during the “Friends Invest First” phase.

Bold Move Beverages of Austin, Texas is the creator of Cold Brooze, a canned cocktail that combines specialty cold brew coffee and premium aged American Whiskey (12-ounce can with an ABV of 6%).

Founder and CEO, Jacob Guss, made his Bold Move by quitting his unfulfilling 9-to-5 to embark on a new and more meaningful journey of adventure. Since its launch, the brand has received 25-plus letters of intent from popular Austin bars, golf courses, hotels, and more.

“Our team is pumped to launch our WeFunder campaign because it will allow us to share our Cold Brooze cocktails with coffee lovers who want to feel energized while they socialize.

This equity crowdfund will go towards our initial production runs, bold sales and marketing initiatives, research and development efforts, and growing our Bold team in Austin and beyond. We plan to launch in October, just in time for the holiday season, and can’t wait to hit shelves.,” Guss says.

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