Tuesday 21 March 2023

Bluestone Lane is the first NYC café chain to install far-UVC sanitizing technology

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NEW YORK, NY, U.S. — Australian-inspired coffee and hospitality brand Bluestone Lane has announced that it will become the first nationwide café chain to install Far-UVC 222 light technology to increase protections for locals and employees against the spread of harmful pathogens and viruses like COVID-19. Bluestone Lane is first deploying Healthe ’s suite of light solutions in its “Collective Café” (55 Greenwich Ave.) and “Bowery Café” (19 Kenmare Street), with plans for a nationwide rollout.

“The wellbeing of our staff and our locals is the top priority as Bluestone Lane continues to reopen stores,” said Nick Stone, Bluestone Lane Founder and CEO. “We’ve been early to adopt technologies such as mobile ordering to help keep our locals safe, and Healthe’s Far-UVC 222 lighting is another technology that will help to ensure safety through ongoing sanitization as we reopen our doors to New Yorkers, starting with two of our largest cafés.”

Healthe’s solutions are a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art sanitization products that utilize UVA, UVC and Far-UVC 222 light to continuously sanitize indoor environments by deactivating air and surface contaminants.

Bluestone Lane will be installing the following Healthe products:

Healthe Space®, (formerly known as Cleanse Downlight) is a ceiling light that combines general illumination with Far-UVC 222 sanitizing light to continuously clean air and surfaces. It is designed to replace traditional downlight cans and can be easily retrofitted into existing standard 6” housings.

Healthe Air® (formerly known as Cleanse Troffer), a low-profile troffer that draws room air through a HEPA/Charcoal filter, then exposes the air to UVA and UVC light that targets remaining airborne pathogens, achieving a 99.9% kill rate in the expelled air. The UV components are contained within the troffer to prevent human exposure.

“As we continue to ramp up deployment of our emerging sanitizing solutions, we are proud to be partnering with a popular, international coffee brand in Bluestone Lane,” said Healthe Executive Chairman Abe Morris. “Our solutions will help ensure that companies like Bluestone can continue to provide the services and products that their customers come to expect, while navigating the unknowns of an unprecedented health challenge.”

A growing library of evidence, including independent research backed by many peer-reviewed papers, demonstrates that Far-UVC light is effective at inactivating viral particles in the air and on surfaces. In addition, as a leading Far-UVC researcher David Brenner has said, Far-UVC “can be safely used in occupied public spaces, and it kills pathogens in the air before we can breathe them in.”

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