Thursday 18 August 2022

Carimali BlueDot range has three models able to offer a wide selection of beverages

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BERGAMO, Italy – In 2016, Carimali launched the first model of BlueDot, with the intent to meet the HoReCa world and the user-friendliness of automatic service. Today the whole range has conquered many among Carimali customers. The range includes three models: BlueDot, BlueDot Plus, and BlueDot Power, able to offer a wide selection of beverages and cater to all tastes.

BlueDot, BlueDot Plus and BlueDot Power

BlueDot and BlueDot Plus, available in black and white, are targeted to all those locations with an average daily production of between 75 and 100 cups, like mid-size offices and hotel breakfast service.

Blue Dot
Blue Dot
Blue Dot Plus
Blue Dot Plus

The Power version, available in black colour, is ideal for high volume breakfast service, with an average consumption of 150 cups per day.

Blue Dot Power
Blue Dot Power

Defined by an essential design, the three versions differ from the user interface: Plus and Power models are characterized by a 7’’ touch screen display, whereas BlueDot fits a TFT 4, 3” display.

The high flexibility allows the user to fit up to 2 brew modules (espresso and fresh brew), and the many configurations are just some of the advantages offered by the whole range.


Depending on the customer’s needs, all models can manage 2 different coffee blends and up to 3 instant canisters.

In addition, the version with fresh milk is always available to meet the demand of an increasingly conscious market.

The great versatility of BlueDot also appears through the water connection configurations: thanks to the Jolly solution, available for all the models, you can quickly decide to use the internal tank of 4 l or connect the machines to mains water.

Other aspects to consider are the easy cleaning and the reduced service costs: all the components are subject to periodic cleaning cycles and easily removable, the coffee group included.

The coffee group CARIbrew is available in 2 versions: M and L, from 7 – 10 gr and 9 – 16 gr, respectively.

Launched in 2019 to complete the range, BlueDot Power is fitted with many professional components, like a second boiler for steam, a volumetric water pump, and a milk pump allowing the machine to deliver top steady performances.

Cake Crusher technology

Cake Crusher is one of the most interesting BlueDot technologies; the Carimali patented solution allows extracting more coffee without emptying the discharge bucket frequently, reducing ordinary maintenance on the machine.

The range is defined by CARIcare, the telemetry system developed by Carimali to provide a real-time check of drink data, consumer preferences and change the machine parameters by remote.

CARIcare is a touchless solution: the final user can select the favourite drink directly from his device.

The range can be matched with different models of fridges, a cup warmer with heated shelves and two practical base cabinets to optimize the coffee machine area.

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