Monday 17 January 2022

BLQK Coffee launches as a champion of educational and food justice initiatives

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LOS ANGELES, U.S. – The recently launched BLQK Coffee is serving caffeine with a cause, having committed to pouring 25 percent of their profits into the support of social justice initiatives. Coffee lovers can now purchase the popular thoughtfully sourced, artisanally roasted coffee online at BLQK.Coffee. BLQK Coffee founders and BIPOC entrepreneurs Justin Watson and Ritchie Tuazon are shaking the ground on how business gets done. Keeping what people know and love about specialty coffee—the aromas, flavor and buzz—BLQK Coffee (pronounced phonetically: B-L-Q-K) is also redefining the coffee experience to focus on love, learning and leadership.

BLQK Coffee is founded on the core belief that your choice of coffee can change the world. The conversations that have taken place, the ideas that have formed and the secrets shared over cups of coffee have formed the very fabric of our society,” said Justin Watson, co-founder of BLQK Coffee. “This product is a labor of love and a culmination of my career experience to date. I’m proud to put forth a premium product that will provide consistent support to crucial socioeconomic organizations that are essential to the furthering of meaningful progress in our society.”

Made fresh to order and shipped out of Los Angeles, BLQK Coffee is now available to purchase online (single purchase or recurring subscription) in whole bean and ground formats, with a choice of two specially crafted blends:

Single-Origin—This blend features coffee from the Gui region of Ethiopia, where fertile soil lends rich nutrients and deep color to the coffee. Harvests of whole coffee cherries from small farms are hand-sorted by skilled workers so that only perfectly ripe cherries make it to the customer.

All-African—This blend heralds Africa’s heritage by showcasing the clean, crisp profiles found in Ethiopian coffee. The robust blend is full-bodied with caramel sweetness and hints of citrus and cocoa for a long-lasting finish.

BLQK Coffee is a Black-owned company co-founded by entrepreneur and former NFL player Justin Watson. Watson is passionate about changing the world for the better, and this drive has manifested in BLQK—a business that makes a meaningful difference while leading with optimism. Watson has pledged to donate 25 percent of all profits to support philanthropic efforts as the coffee company continues to grow and develop a loyal following.

“Our future can only be as bright as our communities are strong. BLQK Coffee will proudly support existing and emerging organizations that are committed to improving access to quality education, bridging the opportunity gap and cultivating food justice in neighborhoods across America. The time is now for consistent support to ensure ongoing progress in these essential areas,” said Watson.

In addition to their ongoing fiscal support of nonprofit causes, BLQK will also provide meaningful educational content and opportunities for coffee lovers to become more active in their communities.

Made fresh to order, BLQK Coffee varieties are available for both subscription service and individual purchase, starting at $20 per 12 oz. bag. Follow @BLQKCoffee on Instagram for company news, social justice commitment updates and coffee education.

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