Monday 08 August 2022

Black Rock Coffee Bar infuses a taste of nostalgia into the summer with unique lineup

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PORTLAND, Ore., US – Black Rock Coffee Bar, a national boutique coffee chain, is reminding its customers of their favorite summertime memories with a unique drink lineup that promises to keep people cool and fueled for the summer. The menu is available now at all 79 Black Rock Coffee Bar stores in seven states, including OR, WA, CA, AZ, ID, CO and TX.

Consumers can reminisce on their favorite summertime moments such as campfire hangs, backyard barbeques, swimming pool days with their friends, or a beachside picnic by choosing some refreshing summertime drinks from Black Rock’s full menu:

  • S’mores Cold Brew – The S’mores Cold Brew starts with Black Rock’s signature cold brew that is flavored with chocolate sauce, topped off with a toasted marshmallow cold foam.
  • Mojito Mint – A crisp energy drink made with Organic Fuel and is combined with mint syrup. The drink can be prepared with regular or sugar-free Fuel.
  • Root Beer White Mocha – The brand new Rootbeer White Mocha combines Black Rock’s bold and dynamic espresso, root beer, white chocolate syrup and whole milk for a decadent and caffeinated drink. It’s available in hot, iced, blended or as a coffeeless shake.
  • Summertide Lemonade – A nice, cold lemonade, Black Rock’s Summertide Lemonade is an infusion of blackberry, passionfruit and pomegranate that can be served blended or iced.

Each drink price will vary depending on modifications to the original receipt including alternative milks, additional flavors or additional shots.

The aforementioned summer drinks will be on the menu through July 31, 2021.

About Black Rock Coffee Bar

Black Rock Coffee Bar is a national boutique coffee shop that is known for its premium roasted coffees, teas, smoothies and flavorful blended energy drinks. Black Rock initially was founded in Oregon in 2008, by a three-family father-son partnership that includes Jeff Hernandez and his dad Rob; brothers Daniel and Jeremy Brand and their father Jack; and Ryan Hagler and his father, John.

Today, Jeff Hernandez and Daniel Brand run the business full-time while overseeing more than 75 stores nationwide and growing. The Black Rock culture places importance on personal and professional growth for each Black Rock employee, and on ensuring that they provide compassionate customer service towards each person who experiences the store. For more information, visit

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