Sunday 29 May 2022

Black Rifle celebrates New Year by pouring three new coffee drinks

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SAN ANTONIO, USA – Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC), a rapidly growing and mission-driven premium coffee company founded to support Veterans, active-duty military, and first responders, is kicking off 2022 with three new caffeinated drinks: Jet Fuel, Jet Fuel Latte, and Smokey Joe.

Jet Fuel is BRCC’s strongest coffee drink to date. Jet Fuel is supercharged with Just Black® coffee, shots of AK Espresso®, plus an additional boost of energy from a blend of natural caffeine and plant extracts, and hints of spiced brown sugar. The Jet Fuel Latte is crafted with a similar jolt of energy, topped with steamed milk for a smooth finish.

“Jet Fuel was inspired by our customers who request Black Rifle Coffee’s strongest brew every day. We want to make sure we are giving them everything we’ve got to take on the day, the year, or whatever life is throwing at them,” said former Green Beret and BRCC Founder & CEO Evan Hafer. “Alongside Jet Fuel, our Smokey Joe drink makes you feel like you are being warmed up by a campfire.”

Smokey Joe is crafted with hickory smoke syrup, choice of milk, and espresso for a smooth, old-fashioned-inspired beverage. The three beverages round out the BRCC coffee shop menus, currently offering more than 15 different blends of coffee and 20+ custom hot and cold beverages ranging from espresso and nitro cold brew to Sweet AF Iced Tea and matcha tea latte.

The three new drinks are available for order now in hot or cold while supplies last at 17 of BRCC’s coffee shop locations in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

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