Wednesday 06 July 2022

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters wins top spot in international recognition

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. U.S. – Bird Rock Coffee Roasters announced today that they have received the top recognition in Coffee Review’s “Thirty Best Coffees of 2016.”

They secured the #1 place for their Kenya Guama Peaberry, which received a score of 97 out of 100 earlier in November this year, and was the highest score given to any Kenyan coffee reviewed.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters also secured the #27 spot with their Sumatra Tano Batak coffee.

Coffee Review, an international review organization that selects and ranks these thirty coffees from the thousands that were reviewed in 2016, granted the honor.

These coffees were all blind tasted and selected on quality, value for price, and other distinctions including style, tree variety, or rarity.

In this review, the Kenya Guama Peaberry blind assessment included these notes: “Luscious, deeply sweet, sumptuous&Rich, juicy acidity; smooth, syrupy mouthfeel.

The long, flavor-saturated finish is zesty and sweet, offering a surprise appearance of tropical fruit notes (coconut) that resonate for a long while.”

“We knew the Kenya Guama Peaberry was special when we were making our Kenyan green coffee selection back in February, so we bought the entire lot.

While there are many good coffees from Kenya, this one is unique and extremely complex with intense flavor,” said Chuck Patton, owner of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. “This top recognition invigorates our goal as a roaster dedicated to bringing out the best in each bean.”

These last two achievements top off a tremendous year in awards for Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

They received two silver and one bronze medal for roasting practices in August at the Compak Golden Bean Roasters Competition, five reviews 91 points and above in Coffee Review scores throughout the year, and they won the national Good Food Awards for coffee in January of this year.

They have also been named a finalist for the 2017 Good Food Awards.

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