Thursday 07 July 2022

BGE brings CoLab seminar series to Prague

Barista Guild of Europe & Tamper Tantrum announce speakers presenting at first-ever CoLab event in the Czech capital, May 21-23

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BGE is excited to bring its new CoLab seminar series to Prague on May 21-23. CoLab combines a full day of compelling educational content with two half days on either side filled with activities to allow attendees to discover the host city’s coffee community and culture.

The first of this series will be held in collaboration with both Coffee Embassy, BGE’s local host partner, and Tamper Tantrum, who will be bringing a series of inspiring guest speakers to a stage at the National Technical Library for the core of the event on May 22.

“For international baristas, CoLab: Prague is a great opportunity to discover a fast-growing specialty coffee community that is already becoming a hub in central Europe,” remarks BGE Coordinator, Isa Verschraegen.

“For local coffee professionals, it is their opportunity par excellence to showcase their skills, coffees, and city whilst developing personal and professional connections across Europe. For both, it is an exciting chance to start a dialogue with each other as well as some of the greatest voices of our coffee community, to exchange ideas and to get inspired.”

“Both BGE and Tamper Tantrum share an admirable and ambitious goal of creating meaningful dialogue within our industry,” says Jenn Rugolo, managing director of Tamper Tantrum.

“BGE tackles this initiative through Dialogue, a monthly piece of long-form writing that digs deep into industry-specific topics, and by creating a compendium of freely available education; Tamper Tantrum, through recorded conversations and live talks from luminary speakers. By working together on the first-ever CoLab, both are building a forum for learning and debate that will only add to our thriving, connected community.”

BGE and Tamper Tantrum are delighted to announce the incredible coffee professionals who will take the stage this May in Prague to speak to an audience of international baristas:

  • Chahan Yeretzian, University of Zurich (Zurich)
  • Adam Neubauer, EMA Espresso Bar (Prague)
  • Erna Tosberg, roestbar (Münster)
  • Tibor Várady, Espresso Embassy (Budapest)
  • Nora Smahelová, Chapter One (Berlin)
  • Stefanos Domatiotis, TAF Coffee (Athens)

Each speaker will give a 20 minute presentation, which will be followed by a 20 minute Q&A with the audience. Speakers will also take part in panel discussions, led by Tamper Tantrum co-host Steve Leighton (HasBean) and guest co-host, Kalle Freese (Freese Coffee Co), a member of the BGE working group and key driver in its educational content plans.

Tickets to the full event from May 21-23 are €85.00 and are available from BGE’s website.


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