Wednesday 10 August 2022

Best Roast Coffee ‘s CEO Jason Roe receives Harvard Disruptive Study Certification

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LOS ANGELES, U.S. – Best Roast Coffee (BRC) is known as company ahead of the curb. In 2015 it was already adding collagen to coffee, years later now emerging as new super coffee, in the coffee sector. At the end of 2015 magnetized water became a unique processes to the BRC Speciality coffee program introduced to deliver a smoother coffee.

The magnetized water was first used in a retail coffee shop, and later in February 2016 BRC speciality coffee went on to be trialed as part of new Deli offerings inside a retail chain.

Later in the same month, the retail chain CEO referenced Speciality Coffee as part of its new Deli offerings on a public earnings call to its investors and stock market analysts. In the following days, BRC received 30 purchase orders from the retailer for the roll out of its speciality coffee offerings as indicated by its CEO to investors.

The retailer went on to issue many more purchase orders to BRC, and later established BRC into its distribution supply chain partner enabling Best Roast Coffee to be tasted and experienced in many of the retailers locations across the country.

Looking for the secrets of how to attract the booming market of consumers known as the millennial, BRC has the answer with its now certified Carbon Free Coffee. The emission-free roasting process, reducing green house by up to 70% compared with traditional drum roasting coffee method.

BRC realized that people in this group makes buying decisions often based on environmental impacts and consciousness and how their choices as consumers might impact the world, including whether the products are environmentally friendly and will help reduced carbon emissions and air pollution.

Conventional coffee companies use traditional drum roasting for cooking their coffee beans, a process that cooks coffee from the outside with an open flame, creating excessive amounts of smoke and gas.

The beans lay flat on a hot surface while they cook, cooked comparable to a steak burning on a barbecue creating carcinogens. The drum roast process the coffee is then ground up to make drinks like drip coffee or espresso shots. This process not only taints the flavor of the final product but also contributes significant amounts of harmful carbon into the atmosphere

“Our process is much more sophisticated, modern roast technology,” said BRC’s CEO Jason Roe, who recently received his Harvard Disruptive Strategy certification. “Carbon free coffee is a disruptive innovation”, said Roe. “In contrast to the high-emitting drum roast process competitors, and most large scale coffee providers use, BRC uses an innovative air agitation and keeps the coffee beans suspended in air while they roast more uniformly. Smoke and gas is extracted by a vacuum and filtered and recycled to the environment, in the roasting process. This keeps the fumes away from the atmosphere and the coffee beans”. It means a cup of coffee that tastes great and reduces its environmental footprint, which has already proven a winning way for BRC to attract millennial coffee drinkers who buy based on their beliefs. Not new to disruptive innovation, Roe a CEO mento leads university students real life projects. In 2015 Roe mentored university students at prestigious top 5 world ranked university UCL London, known for new inventions and disruptive innovations since 1826 former students include Alexander Graham Bell.

Roe says “the era of apps and technology has passed, its an era of consciousness” The emerging field of Neuroscience is discovering this too learning how things work, like invisible fields such as gravity and air, things we cant see but accept exist. “Consciousness we can’t see, but we see its effects in rapid shift in consumers spending. A conscious decision to support carbon free coffee, triggers a BRC coffee purchase. My book touched on how the magnetic field of the north and south pole acts as a wifi signal to the human, as much as a wireless modem does to a computer, so understanding this and the field around us all its we walk through every day, this is influencing humans and understanding consciousness is the future just ask a neuroscientist,” said Roe.

The hard work BRC put into coffee innovations creates the unique coffee taste a smooth experience, BRC also does not sell its coffee beans to consumers it must be made in store at a retailer, this creates foot traffic, a driver of more sales for retailers. A true win-win in the ever-growing coffee market where being unique is vital to grow sales. Those are the reasons for major supermarket chains and hotel groups to racing to host a BRC coffee bar that are placed in big box grocery in spaces from 3 to 7 foot print.

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