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Beijing holds its first ever Indie Coffee Festival today and tomorrow

In the last five years, the Chinese coffee industry has grown by 25 percent each year on average. Independent shops have appeared all over Beijing, and China’s coffee drinkers know more about the world of coffee than ever before.

Which is why now is the perfect time for Beijing’s first Indie Coffee Festival.

The Indie Coffee Festival, taking place April 6 – 7, 2018, is created and hosted by Soloist Coffee and Woodstock of Eating.

Soloist Coffee is a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry, and one of Beijing’s best – and most popular – cafes. Woodstock of Eating, well – you know them, right? They’ve been throwing incredible festivals throughout the city for years now.

This festival features specialty coffee brands from around the world. Attendees can experience cupping sessions (that’s a coffee tasting sesh, FYI), masterclasses, workshops and more.

The festival will also feature a forum, at which specialty coffee experts will discuss the future of the java biz in China.

There will also be a market featuring desserts, magazines and snacks for sale – plus kid- and family-friendly play areas.