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Beijing Coffee Wine Festival to lure those in need of a caffeinated pick me up

This year’s Beijing Coffee and Wine Festival is set to lure those in need of a caffeinated pick me up, anyone with an affinity for freshly roasted aromas, and those of us who love nerding out about the specifics of beans.

Numerous popular cafes and bars are among the 30 vendors selling their wares at this event, set to take place at the China National Convention Centre, Jun 27-29.

A recent promo for the event says attendees will “experience classic flavors and new concoctions, intense competitions, exciting activities and promotions all at the 2018 Beijing Coffee and Wine Festival.”

According to Marco Costantini, founder of Black White Filter: Beijing’s Cafe Guide, foreigners who speak a little Chinese will get more band for their buck “as they can meet ‘famous’ baristas and try the latest machines and concoctions from many different brands.”

And while he was quick to point out that last year’s event was aimed more towards diehard coffee drinkers rather than casual attendees, he adds: “I think this year they have more local people and businesses involved so it would mean more chances for networking and creating relationships between the owners. There were a few good talks [last year] as well, organized by Soloist Cafe’s owner, and some of the competitions were fun to watch.”